My 2021 Financial Goals- Progress report

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The importance of setting goals cannot be overemphasized as it helps work towards it by putting practical steps to achieving it

With the month just beginning, I decided to start on a high note by staking HIVE and some of it's second layer tokens I believe in.

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I started by powering up my favourite second layer token which happened to be sports, I staked 450k sports tx id to put my total sports holding to above the 4 million mark.

In the spirit of powering up, I also decided to add other projects I'm in love with, one is the @clicktrackprofit platform. I added few 213 CTP tx id to move my total holding to 1500.

Updated 2021 Financial goals

Token NameDesired Stakestake on 02-Feb-2021stake on 02-March-2021
HIVE POWER1,00022130

I feel excited for hive and @leofinance for the news of #projectblank coming anytime soon. I'm also in sort of a betwixt regarding powering up and holding liquid LEO because of the recent announcement. Picked up few 16LEO from the market though.

Without leaving out the native token HIVE, I powered up 100 tx id to move my total HIVE holding to a paltry 130 HIVE :-(. I'm must admit, I have not focused much on HIVE but with recent surge in price and addition of several tokens in past few days, I now believe more in the potential of the HIVE blockchain. I see it breaking out soon into one of the top crypto.

I feel so glad to have reached this new heights so soon. At this rate, I believe I might reach my set goal for the year quicker. If that happens, I'll have have to raise the bar again.

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