MyHiveGoals for the Month of August

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Hello Guys. Greetings from this side of the world.

After sharing my financial goals report yesterday about how far I have come here. I decided to set it all out on how I want the month of August to be. After doing pretty well in July, I hope to continue in that momentum and even do much more better.


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In the month of August, I will be working towards building my hive power above all other token as I believe it's important to pay lot of attention to the native token after seeing how it has been responding positively in terms of price in recent times.

Current stake as at time of report.
POB - 1,000
LEO - 319
CTP - 3,163
LIST - 11,126
SPORTS - 5,174,053
CINE - 1,109
DUNK - 4,251

Desired stake by end of August
POB - 1,300
LEO - 400
CTP - 3,700
LIST - 12,000
SPORTS - 5,500,000
CINE - 1,300
DUNK - 5,000


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Will be working tirelessly to achieve this before the month come to an end. With less than twenty eight days to go, I am optimistic I will be able to meet up to this goals. Wish me luck.

Thanks for Reading

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work hard bro I looking forward to your progress

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Sure l I will. Thanks aiovo

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Keep up the good work!

Surely will. Thanks

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Felt really awesome smashing the goals for the dunk and some other tokens. Was very difficult for me to meet on some other unlike the previous time. Good we are in September now. Time to make it up for those I was unable to meet up with.

Great achievement for you man which I think I will be like you when i grow up I'm always saying this to you don't think that I'm just flatting you is a matter of fact this is all what I know about you man we can still get there keep moving mate and have a nice weekend

I wish you the best of luck, I hope you're able to meet and surpass your goal by the end of August

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I too had set goals in past and achieved some I think

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Great. Hope you are still setting goals after then?

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I am

Cool. That is a nice one

Many thanks blezyn. Would be really nice if I surpass those targets

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wow this is great man you are really making me feel motivated in the platform. good luck in achieve this goals. i believe i am not the only one you are motivating.

July was favorable to you so i also believe you will be able to achieve goals you have set. keep it up and stay focused.

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Glad to know the little goals of mine inspire something in you. Many Thanks for the best wishes. I hope it inspire as many people that stumble upon this post.

Seeing a repeat of July would be awesome. It will be quite difficult but wouldn't be limiting myself whatsoever as that will put a peg on the possibilty. I sure will remained stayed on my set target.

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I wish u good luck and pray u go beyond what u tend to achieve.

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yeah me too

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Many thanks newman42. I hope I end up beyond too

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I believe You can do it bro With determination and persistence...

Good luck

Yeah, i believe I will too. Those are the two things I will ensure to keep in mind. Thanks for the encouragement man

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Wow. That happened faster than I thought. Hopefully I hit 5k comments before third week of the week. Thanks for the badges

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You're welcome @jersteemit, that's well deserved! Have a really nice day and keep your nice motivation 😊👍

I wish you luck, you are doing well


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