Stacking up some juicy hive second layer tokens

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Exciting times all around the hive blockchain, with leo coming up with #projectblank and cub tokens and other developments going on, I decided to spread my holdings by doing a little shopping on the leodex


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With the buzz and all, also discovered some new project, with few also springing up weekly. Still in the spirit of staking up tokens, I decided to lay my hands on some of the new tokens on the yard.

Tokens I picked up include UTOPIS (15) , VIBESM (13.6), CTPSB (5.1), a little of my favourite tribe token SPORTS 55k. With all this, i might have to review my financial goals set for the year


With hive also maintaining the $0.3 range for about a week now, I think it's a good sign that things might just be warming up around here.

I believe in spreading ones tent around and doing so on hive seems like a good way to go.

Let's keep stacking up

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In all of this, i think the only token I am aware of his sports because I don't intend buying any tokens but it is a good thing you were able to spread your tent around to pick as many tokens as possible while I on the other hand just wish to accumulate as many sports token as possible for the mean time just maybe in the nearest future, I will think of other tokens.

Sports is a very great hodl. It's my most concentrated coin. Just because of my believe in diversification, I had spread it round to other exciting tokens

It is a good thing and keep it up soon you will so much than you can imagine.

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Yes, there are so many different projects launching it's hard to keep them all straight. I also picked up a little UTOPIS, VIBES, and of course SPORTS. I also added a little of that REVX for the heck of it. Like you said, spread it around and see if anything sticks. It's almost like we have our own little exchange right here on Hive. Just kidding. We DO! It's going to be a fun and interesting next couple years....

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I believe so too. The future is bright for hive. Might be looking more into revx too as I'm yet to fully understand the token economics

I want to purchase Utopis too and I also thought about Vibesm but I rather go for either utopis or even bro coin.
Atleast you made some purchase, all good.

Utopis seems like a good buy, love what chrono is doing with the token. VibesM, I did for the desire to hold miners token and because of the hype.

Bro coin seems to high for me. I might get a few though to add to my portfolio


Which one what it this.

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Great picks. UTOPIS is just one of a kind that would marvel many.

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