Why SkateHive Skateboarding Community is Such a Big Deal

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Good morning from sunny Greece guys!


In response to my previous post (https://leofinance.io/hive-167922/@knowhow92/follow-me-at-my-official-greek-hive-blog) I want to share with you my thoughts about how our skateboarding community (@SkateHive) can positively affect thousands of lifes around the world and the reason behind all my effort to build the most awesome and innovative skateboarding community on the web (SkateHive ).

I've been skateboarding for the past 16 years and I know the struggle of not having enough money to buy a deck, a pair of shoes, a pair of wheels/trucks etc.

Even though I am sponsored by 2 skateboarding companies (Propaganda Rollin Co. and UndergroundSkateshopSKG) I still have to buy some gear for my skateboard every now and then. I only get shoes and decks for free so I pay for everything else and some times I find it quite difficult to spend over 100 $ for skateboarding gear.

Skateboarding is an expensive hobby and in low-income countries it gets even harder to skate. I also know that if a skater wants to skate he/she will find a way to work it through.

Fellow SkateHive Community member @davixesk8 lives in Venezuela and we've been talking a lot about the economic situation in his country and how hard it is to skate.

In countries like Venezuela, a skateboard costs 40$ when the minimum monthly salary is 2$.
It's impossible to buy skate gear.

That's where Skatehive comes in


Our goal is to be able to support all skaters around the globe both economically and mentally.

Skaters who share their skateboarding content with us earn money in form of cryptocurrency (Hive) while they connect with other skaters all around the world and receive feedback for their work in a trully decentralized platfrom!

Posting your skateboarding content on a trully decentralized community like SkateHive allows you to take full control over your work. There is no central authority behind Hive platform (the platform we built SkateHive) and that means that no one can delete your content.

Sounds awesome right? Well, it's already working

My homie @Davixesk8 has managed to earn more than 500$ just by sharing his skateboarding videos and photos with us and trust me, having 500$ in Venezuela is a BIG DEAL , right @davixesk8?

Why SkateHive is Such a Big Deal?

SkateHive can change the way skaters interact online and skaters can start monetizing their work while earning money at the same time.
Take a look at these numbers


Over 18 Million Skateboarding posts on Instagram!!! This number is HUGE! If just a 1% of all these people join our skateboarding community on Hive things will explode.

We skaters love sharing our footage and monetizing our progression as much as we love having money to buy skate gear.
Once skaters realize the potential of sharing their skate content with us they will not quit.

Instead most of them will work harder 'cause they will realize (just like I did) that sharing your skateboarding content and be able to buy skate gear from the money you have earned from your posts is just AWESOME.


What are you waiting for?

All skaters that are reading this, sign up and start sharing your skateboarding content with us today! The sign up procedure is very easy.
Just click on the link bellow to create your Hive account :

Here are some useful tips about SkateHive and instructions on how to share your skateboarding content with us :


Thank you all for supporting me guys, means a lot!
Much love to everyone and #SKATEFORHIVE

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Such enthusiasm is almost contagious. My hope is that HIVE does not continue to dive like the Venezuelan Bolivar.

Ha! I highly doupt it man! Many people on Hive are so hyped about our blockchain and a ton of development is happening! At least that's how I look at it!
Always be positive @novacadian and thanks for the great comment <3

Always be positive @novacadian...

My experience in life is that some realism is a good blend. Just hate seeing such enthusiasm misdirected.

Made a little limerick recently that may better share my thoughts.

There once was a blockchain called HIVE.
Whose token seemed caught in a dive.
With no help on the way,
Had DPoS had its day?
It's unlikely to see it survive.

Lol what a limerick. There is a fair amount of downward pressure on the token but that happens with any widely distributed token with a space like this. Many of us don’t buy anything in or haven’t for a long time but people need to sell to stay afloat. There are moochers for sure but there’s also people who rely on this for their income.

With the sell off of STEEM through post fork power downs and the reinvesting it in HIVE we are probably seeing the greatest upward pressure on HIVE value that we will ever see. A few more weeks will see the true value once that buy in is finished.

I agree with both comments but I just wanna state that I find Hive an awesome blockchain with HUGE potential. It's up and running for 4 years, it's working and the community here is amazing!

Let's just wait and see what happens with the price.

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I fully agree and I am sure you will bring loads of new people over :)
I think that motivation number 1 is passion and number 2 can be the monetization of content to be able to follow your passion ...
Go SkateHive!

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Passion is indeed everything @katerinaramm.
Thanks for your support <3
Go go Greek community!

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I know that Davi has been killing it in here with his videos! I give him some votes when I see the posts but having so many people from different countries is awesome to have going on here. Love supporting my groups on here, go fund me can’t touch this shit hive has lol

Yeah man, we are getting bigger and bigger! I think gofundme is a hit or miss. One the other hand once you get the hang of Hive you get constant support from people and you interact with others!

I just love Hive. I can't wait to see what's Hive gonna be like in 2 years from now!