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RE: Second Layer Curation, Still my Best Investment Option on Hive: I gave out $150 and earned $123 in form of LEO & SPORTS in November

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I noticed before you were in the right time to chip in Sports tokens when the price was in its deep. I remember before SPORTS was averaging at 0.001-0.004 Steem (before it migrated to hive) at price, which was the time when I bought an enough stake (around 1.8m Sports). I wasn't able to get back the investment I had when I sold all of my Sports because of the Steem drama, but I was able to know and meet a lot of friends here.

You've made a good investment decision with a little bit of luck (at around 1.25% lol). Anyway, I'm happy to see your investments growing :)


Thanks for the nice words. It's still very a good time to buy into SPORTS. Some solid developments are coming to the community and the demand for the token would go up.

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