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I have been trying to learn about different hive 2nd layer tokens for a few weeks and have tried to stake them as a future investment. On hive, these days Leo craze is at its peak, everyone is trying to grab some Leo tokens and stake or sell them. I read a post in which someone told about Leom token which is the Leo miner token. If you stake Leom, you mine Leo daily. Post author writes that he buys one Leom against two hives. So I rushed to Hive-engine to buy some Leom but at that time price of one Leom was four Hives. So I have only bought two Leom and have been waiting for my free daily Leo. But when I researched, I came to know that if you stake 1000 Leom then you get one to two Leo daily. So it is a very big investment at this time like 6000 to 7000 Hives for 1000 Leom. So I have kept those two Leom as souvenirs in my Portfolio.


I saw Hive-engine has some other miner tokens but their price was very high. So I searched for a token that might have some future growth trends and low price, like ctp and Hustlerm token. Ctp one miner token is equal to 1 Hive or a little less to the hive. So it is a good option to stake but it is time to buy HustlerM token as its price is very low even you can buy 100 HustlerM tokens with one Hive. HustlerM is -89.29 low so its the best time to buy it.



In past, I bought five Hustlerm with one Hive. So when I saw this low price I purchased more than 1000 Hustlerm tokens and now I am on the first page of HustlerM token's rich list.


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LOL, you got tricked you should do more research before buying any coin or token no?
good choice on buying HustlerM because there are trying to grow there community

Not good in research just follow the trends.

then you should improve your self and your skills