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One of the problems I see that makes a lot of people paralyzed before they start investing in Splinterlands is that it's very difficult to quantify exactly how much investment is needed to generate a certain income.


People want to know how much I need to invest, when will I earn? And the answer is not that simple. I don't know how to answer and used to come up with interesting but confusing answers like this:

To make a good performance you need to play at least in the Silver league.

The yield varies a lot because it depends on luck so there is no way to calculate the ROI correctly.

But even with no luck, you should calm down about 10% to 20% a month on average.

The ideal in my opinion is to play at least in the Golden League because there the earnings are much more substantial compared to Bronze and Silver.

As for the investment, it also depends on whether you just want to be able to play in this league, or if you want to be competitive at a high level within this league.

It also depends on whether you intend to buy or rent the cards.

Buying the cards the investment has to be much higher in the hundreds of dollars while renting it is much cheaper since you can rent entire collections for a few cents on each card.

How much you can win depends on luck when opening chests, and your results, if you win a lot of battles you win more if you win tournaments too.

If you do well in tournaments you can make 100,000+ DEC in one day, if you do poorly, I won't win anything.

When opening a chest you can receive a +500 dollar valuable card, or just 1 potion almost worthless, so better not try to quantify, but start playing, the longer you play, the more chance of receiving something good.

I get confused, and I don't know how to respond in the best way.


For some time now I decided to start playing another game as a way to diversify my investments in Blockchain games, and I even made a post about it, the game I chose was Axie Infinity.

In my opinion, Splinterlands is much more interesting and fun, but Axie has this advantage, it is much easier to quantify Return on Investment and the reason is the Adventure Mode.

The Arena, ie the Player versus Player Mode is also variable, it depends on whether your team is good and your ability to win more battles, however, the Adventure Mode will give you a sense of the least you can do in terms of profit, compared to how much money you need to invest.

So of course, investing more will give you an advantage in PvP, and the fluctuation of the token value you earn also varies, but even so, it will be possible to get a much more accurate notion and you can tell what the person will be able to do for sure in PvE currently, this is in Adventure Mode.

That's why I believe Splinterlands should make it a top priority to launch an Adventure Mode, in which the player fights certain computer-controlled enemies, passes certain stages, battles bosses, evolves, etc.

In my opinion, this would make a hugely larger amount of players come in and start playing today.

So I could give a much simpler answer:

You invest X and win Y, with some variation, but not those vague and complex answers that make a person give up investing in a few minutes.

What's up? What do you think of the idea? Will we have enough SPS to pass Adventure Mode?

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I would love to see more layers within Splinterlands to really flesh out the game more.
I do know that eventually there will be a spell casting / weapon granting addition to the gameplay and with lands the ability to mine resources to create these special NFTs.

But an adventure mode would be really cool extension of the daily quests.

I would love to see more layers within Splinterlands to really flesh out the game more.
I do know that eventually there will be a spell casting / weapon granting addition to the gameplay and with lands the ability to mine resources to create these special NFTs.

Yeah! @shaidon. Sometimes I even forget about the Lands. This is going to be exciting. :)

adventure mode seems fun I'll definitely support that😁

Yeah! @peping. Thanks for commenting.

Yes, exactly this. I leave the ROI aspect to the pro investers and veteran players, but as a new player, it can be hard to be able to compete, even with rentals.
An adventure mode of any kind would be another step to mass adoption for sure. The retention rate would be much higher, when you don't lose 5 games in a row, when you have luck.
Good call, Maria.

Truth. Many people ask me about the game every day but the lack of clarity about how much it can win drives away, humans are afraid of risk. Thanks @freedomprepper.

Most classic fighting turn-based games have that option. I am playing Pokemon for 20 years, and it started as your 'adventure' mode and PvP was added later as a feature. We are approaching the problem from the opposite direction in SL, because we started with PvP. I think it is a great idea and I fully support it.

This was because Splinterlands is based on Magice: The Gathering. But would love to see a more Pokemon approach to Splinterlands. Like cartoons and other media. Splinterlands Go!?

I never played any of these games, I played chess at school, and that must be why I have some talent for Splinterlands as it involves calculation and strategy. My younger brothers love the Pokemon card game, and they ask me to play it all the time, but I never have time, I owe this. :)

@azircon, Thanks for your support, I'm sure I'm not discovering gunpowder and they must be thinking abou this. :D

Yes I think it's a great idea - Not to take anything away from you as it's your idea (and not that it occurred to me either) but now you say it, it's kind of a no-brainer.

I mean it's just sort of an obvious 'yes' we should have that.

Absolutely a good idea, I'd vote it for sure!

I've heard a long time ago about a boss fight, but it seems like it took too long, it should have been priority number one. Anyway the game is the best and it will get even better with this adventure mode.

@flauwy has been asking 'wen boss fight' for ages - I understand you were promised it as part of the Kickstarter, what was that - 2 years ago now?

Sounds like that Boss idea and adventure mode are singing from the same song sheet.

Sorry I beat you earlier, I never expected that, not in a million matches!

Com certeza vai ser muito top se isso acontecer!

never played axis but adventure mode sound like a massive boring grind- i probablly wrong. anyway i belive splinterland working on that concept too (part of land expansion).

Yes, at Axie it's boring. Practically it is not a game but a way to farm the game token. But they are working to improve this. Playing against other humans will always be more fun, but I think it's necessary for mass adoption, as new players feel more secure knowing they can manage to do this.

I also got these questions from new players in my country.
So i wrote an article to introduce them where the earning comes from.
Then it's their responsibility to decide to invest in the game or not.
Because there are too many ways to earn from the game and the ROI is vary based on their investment/timing/luck, ...

Like me, I opened a new account yesterday, and with 2 quest potions, I already broke the even because I got 2000DEC from 1 chest :)

upvoted! good work and great picture