Crypto financing goal! - Crypto Diary #8

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Crypto financing goal! - Crypto Diary #8

Vasco da Gama, a traditional soccer team in Rio de Janeiro, announces partnership with brazilian exchange Mercado Bitcoin to tokenize future transactions of players trained at the team's base.

We are still at the beginning of the use of cryptography and tokenization of everything possible. And we will see more and more forms of endeavors using cryptography.

In Rio de Janeiro the traditional soccer clubs are famous for their achievements, but also for their debts. Flamengo on the edge of the precipice, had a great administration and managed to restructure itself.

Botafogo, Vasco and Fluminense accumulate enormous debts, and each year is a question of how they will manage to compete in the championships. Sponsorships are very important, also at the box office, image rights, and the partner-fans clubs signature.

Now Vasco brings an innovation.Tokenize the income from future negotiations of players who have gone through Vasco, and have their transaction future contracts, some percentage that returns to Vasco, and distribute these values among the holders of the token offered now.

To raise money, manage to pay salaries, restructure his economy, Vasco with the Mercado Bitcoin, decided to innovate and use crypto assets in an interesting way.

The players participating in this initial package in which the token will be priced at 100 reais(R$)/ 18,71 $ (Today) will be:
Douglas Luiz (Aston Villa-ING), Allan (Everton-ING), Souza (Besiktas-TUR), Philippe Coutinho (Barcelona-ESP), Alex Teixeira (Jiangsu Suning-CHI), Paulinho (Bayer Leverkusen-ALE), Evander ( FC Midtjylland-DIN), Luan (Palmeiras), Matheus Vital (Corinthians), Alan Kardec (Chongqing Lifan), Marrony (Atlético-MG) and Nathan (Boavista-POR).

Bearing in mind that it is a risky investment, players may not be sold, hurt, default, etc.

However, it is still an interesting and inaugural way to raise funds and invest in Brazilian soccer.

More information in the Globo Esporte report: Time to make money: Vasco launches home silverware "tokens" on the 8th and foresees R $ 10 million in 30 days

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Wow. That's an innovative way of using crypto as a team investment. I'd heard of teams offering stock, but not cryptocurrency. Is this something we might see more of coming out of Brazil?

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This business model is the first one I’m seeing. But there are speculations from other teams to use crypto as well. I think there will be new news and more use of crypto by soccers clubs soon.

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