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RE: Nextcolony : Free ships are awaiting you

in LeoFinance8 months ago

Wow, this is really awesome of you! Thanks for hooking people up with free ships! I resteemed this post and the name on my NextColonly Account is ModernDayHippie... Thanks again for this awesomeness, you deserve my Hero Award today (Not all heros wear capes), but I don't have an actual award so youll have to settle for a !BEER ;) LoL


transferred 100 SD,
Can you please try to resteem it again. Steempeak is not showing your name in reblog list.

Yeah, that was weird... I went back and checked and it said i didn't resteem it.. I guess I must have hit cancel on accident when it asked if I was sure.. oh well, it's done now ;) Thanks for the free corvettes :0)