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hello Friends wasn't it just about few days back where you would have had to give an actual amount of 8 or 7 Leo for just 1 Hive and lately what i wasn't expecting to be happened, when 1,08 Hive was the same as 1 Leo. which is even more than a 500 Percent increase in few days. This is indeed very surprising as we haven't seen this before with any other token. what i mean is for a Hive engine token be worth more than Hive itself.

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Just take a close watch at other hive tokens you see that holding value has been very difficult they are all struggling to survive because so many users eat as much as they want from communities that have tokens and after they are full they just discard it away like trash. and everyone goes his or her way, but trust me when i say they will come a time where so many people will regret the act. while they should have used the time they where spending instead to buy 1000 Hive's worth of Leo.

I vividly remembered some weeks back when @uyobong my boss, was on the same opinion that 1,08 will be the same as 1 Leo. of course i never did believed or should i say was having doubt about it and boom it actually cam to pass, i come to understand that as far as you have got the right team of people engaging in a community, of course anything at all is possible.

my dream is if only Leo can get on the various exchanges you can only imagine where it could end. i only wish other tokens like most especially sports take the same action as Leo in standing strong out of Hive.it would also be fun seen Leo as the front liners and the game shakers Wouldn't it be great? and at the same time giving exposure for Hive.

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The Uniswap listing impact was huge ..

thanks for your contribution, Leo finance is indeed a fastest growing community on hive block chain...

Not sports so you can't earn sports for this. Get your tags right.

OK thanks for the corrections

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