Excellent decision to postpone the launch of Wleo

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Greetings folks as restlessness and anxiety surround everyone who has invested in leo, your team has done another good job after postponing its launch due to a frenzy caused by uni as their costs have risen from $ 40 to $ 100. as best explained by the leofinance account.


"This paragraph is taken from your account"
Some are dubbing today Crypto Kitties 2.0. This is a fun time to see all the people scrambling over on ETH as they pay $40-$100 to get a tx approved. It's also a bad time to launch wLEO because all of us would have to pay these outrageous fees in order to wrap our LEO into wLEO and then provide liquidity to the LP on Uniswap.

Let's all support the growth of leo as your investment from now on


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y la publicacion no le parece informativa?

This is not a post that really has anything to do with Hivelist. Please use the Hivelist tag if you are selling a product or service or insearch of something, have a gig to post, or a contest. We do accept ecommerce informative posts as well. We would like to keep it mainly as a classifieds site and not just another tag used to collect tokens. Because of this I am not upvoting the post.

Estare pendiente de no fallar en eso gracias.

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