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RE: Hiring and Keeping 'Em on Hive Blockchain and Communities

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What a fantastic post. It's interesting because we think alike in a lot of the things you pointed out in onboarding.

On the #HiveChat Twitter session this morning, I had mentioned how offline onboarding & mentoring is just as important as online. You can actually SHOW the person how things work on the blockchain & be there more than you can online. I am not saying online isn't good but there's a different dynamic seeing each other in person & helping the person grow.

Also, I 100% agree with you about the tracking for active referrals. We can see who signs up under us all day long but when I don't have a way to interact with them (except for following & assigning some resource credits, HOPING they will be around), it really leaves us powerless to help. If we had an easier way to reach out & reward them for being active for 10 days or 100 days, I think more people would stay with Hive. Maybe that's an idea to present to someone....that could be a real game changer.

I really appreciate what you are doing for people. I reblogged your post, hoping more people will see this & realize TEAMWORK is the way to go. We need to look out for the new people so they can have a successful start in their journey. :)

Thanks for sharing with us :)💖