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In my part of the world I will be happy to say goodbye to the month of May. A new beginning, a reset will commence
with June. At the same token many in the community will honor this route as powering Hive stronger than ever. Within 30 days
like all tokens in the market, Hive lost 34.8% from its value within 30 days. To tell you the true in the community it does not feel
as bad if you hold your token elsewhere. Hive remains strong despite this precipice hanging over our head. The sentiment is somewhere
melancholic but we are determined to hold.

Reading the post of many Hivers, this verse of holding is strong. Many do not stay it openly but their actions speak louder by holding
and buying nonstop. This fanaticism is welcome. Someone needs to hold Hive in order for the value to grow. Time has not come yet where a true holder can use it for everyday affairs. Comparatively we need some folks to sell if it deems necessary. I am contemplating the imagery of HBD getting close to the true dollar mark. I am holding mine HBD and see how the 3% will work in long term.

You can see it better if you use #peakd front end where you can retrieve it after 30 day. A friend told me, this month of May has proven
to be a great example for Hive holders. We all lose in percentage, but we gain in curation, friendship and strengthen our position. This drop causes our sentiment in spending. We should think the other way. If the value will continue to drop be ready to pile up and process this drop as a blessing. When the bubble is in full motion, everyone wants to spend. I guess the storyline should change by now.
I am staying true to what is at stake.

Due to the quick drop, weak hands are selling. Everyone is slow to react to the market. I guess the next bubble should teach us a lesson about reaction. Clearly it is a lack of planning. Everyone lost something. Unless you knew it from miles away. Hard to digest, this is the time to find the right moment to buy the dip. From what I read it is not over. The true bottom is near. It has been sitting in this area for a while, that could be it.


The same fate that happenned to Hive did happen to CUB defi. It touches us harder. Looking from 30 days we were rolling at $2.63 to below a dollar a cub now. Keep in mind the drop has nothing to do with CUb token directly. Every single token got hammered since BTC lost its luster this MAY. Now another lesson learned, hold token that can withstand the drop. Good luck to CUB holders, they are managing tight. I am one of them. I am certain things will come back, got to wait for the right condition. The wounds are fresh. Time will heal. Kingdoms are something that bring a dose of fresh air for Cub and holders altogether. May has been sensational for all the wrong things. At the same tokens, May did what it does every year, slowing things down.

It is up to us to understand the circumstances and find a common ground to move forward. Everyone is tense about spending. This is right to be that way. This community favors long time holders. It is critical not to jump quick to conclusion and find your settings to move forward. I bet you could say to yourself, I wish I got more Hive. you could say the same for #leo. #POB is doing very good right now. June should give you the option of fresh start. Move forward. Power up and start kicking up a notch.
I know tomorrow will be a big deal for many of us. Let's make it really big and power up.

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The month of May has made our lives look like one hell of an emotional roller coaster. Many cryptos have fallen by 30% or more, but I think it's a very classic scenario in the crypto space.
In fact, I think these shakeouts are healthy for crypto in the long term because it flushes out weak and greedy hands and keeps the strong ones who are able to drive Bitcoin to that 100K level :))

Thanks for this nice post :)) @pouchon

This roller coaster shakes the weak hands and push back holders. Since it is a long term game we will eventually rise again. Greedy remains greedy and they are the ones destroying the market. Lesson learned hold the right crypto and no matter how the bubble bust you remain afloat.

I will also have to hold my hive for a longer period no matter how the market looks like. Because I believe it's going to come back stronger

Hive tends to move parallel to the market most of the time. You hold Hive for various reasons. The main one should be the opportunity for curation and build a bigger nest.
If Hive rises this June, it will be harder to earn more Hive due to value.
Power up while you can.
Today is HPUD.

Sure I think I will go with your advice

Month of May for was quite a terrible one in the crypto verse. I hope the market recovers better this June.

The weeks in which we experience loses helped the community get more matured has we kept doing what we do best by being together as one and kept holding to relieve the pressure of the dip.

Times like that are actually good as they reveal out character and makes us more stronger. Holding on it to my precious little hive as I believe the best is yet to come

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Time will tall if May was so terrible. For now June should be on our mind.
I am moving on to make 2021 better.
Are you ready to power up day ?

Yeah I guess we'll find out but I'm hopeful that June will be better.

Yeah, just participated in my 1st HPUD few minutes ago . Will be working towards building my HP henceforth

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This month of May has been extremely not very positive for the cryptocurrency market, here we have a saying in Venezuela and it says: "what does not kill you makes you stronger" and this is a case that due to the volatility of the market we enter into despair and we choose to sell. Tomorrow will be a great day as many will turn on their Hive, so family to continue stacking that our moment will come sooner rather than later.

Este mes de Mayo ha sido extremadamente no muy positivo para el mercado de las criptomonedas, aquí tenemos un dicho en Venezuela y dice: "lo que no te mata te hace más fuerte" y este es un caso que por la volatilidad del mercado entramos en desesperación y optamos por vender. Mañana será un gran día ya que muchos encenderán sus Hive, así que familia a continuar apilando qué nuestro momento llegará más pronto qué tarde.

May and the rest of the months leading to Summer
will drag crypto. It will be time to conserve energy
and act appropriately like holding. It is okay for some
to sell so others can buy. it is a market after all.


Hey @hjrrodriguez, here is a little bit of BEER from @pouchon for you. Enjoy it!

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Reading the post of many Hivers, this verse of holding is strong. Many do not stay it openly but their actions speak louder by holding
and buying nonstop.

Agreed. We are certainly more matured and resilient as a community compared to how we have been in the past. I reckon the bears got nothing on us

Even though it touches us, the bigger picture is in sight. Not knowing the future
but I can be certain Hive will thrive. I am hoping to see a dollar this year.

Hive has held up rather well, hasn't it.

Although there's still a lot of Orcas and Whales Powering Down - I've risen from 217 to 203 in the HP rankings this month, and while I've gained 2000 HP that rank increase is mainly to people above me having Powered Down.

My rise because of other people leaving (effectively) isn't showing any signs of slowing either. I guess there will be a limit, I personally know about 30 accounts who I KNOW aren't going to power down, so by the time I reach T50 I probably won't be able to go up any higher.

I think the HBD stabiliser has had a lot to do with the stable Hive price.

Impressive to see all these going around and the price maintains its average.
Holding has its middle. Until you reach that threshold it may be hard to explain
it to others. Hive does not offer instant gratification. When you hold and you deliver
it is sweet to see what this community can do.
Glad to see you grow by the way.

Glad to see you grow by the way

Likewise, it's nice to have people on the same journey!

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