Advertise in Risingstar game using STARBITS

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There is lot of brainstorming going on the RisingStar Game for past few days to give more usecase and sinks to the StarBits ,in game currency of Rising Stars.

Lot of idea thought like bid bot sink of Starbits , removing Hive/HBD purchases from game so that it give some demand to StarBits and so on. With all pros and cons discussed in the rising star discord , they find out solution of using StarBits for placing the Advertisment for the game user.


If you click on your username , You will find "Ads" , I have highlighted it too. You can click on "Ads", you will get the new screen that will look like below.


Here you can put your Ad text, it's URL and your bid value in StarBits. You have bid more than existing higher bid. It look like 1 StarBits will be subtracted when someone view your Advertisement.

Advertisement will be placed on the "Your Diary" (Place that maintain the logs of your mission ,starbits earnings and etc. etc.) . I think user will only see it once when user will be starting a mission. (It may change in future.)


I think this is nice way to burn Starbits and currently this facility is available to game users only because it uses Starbits balance on game account (instead of Hive-Engine) currently but it will be expanded in future. If you are interested in advertisement and you are not the game player or do not have sufficient in game balance of StarBits then you can ask @jux at Rising Star Discord ,he will surely help you out.

I liked this idea and I will like to tag @holybread ,@simplegame ,@rollie1212 and @cryptobrewmaster for looking this kind of possiblity on their game too.

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interesting idea.
however as we are moving away from Hive Engine and deep into a new free open source tool for creating NFT's and Tokens fully recorded and audit-able on the Hive blockchain Layer 1 this does not fit in with our goals.

Our goal for our new code base is to open the game up to non-Hive (or blockchain users) introduce them to the blockchain through the player-to-player marketplace.

Our goal is to make a far reaching gaming world the can show the benefits of blockchain recorded marketplaces without bogging down the gameplay with unnecessary blockchain interaction.

We feel all of this will bring bigger longer term growth to Hive (which benefits us all as stakeholders) without trying to create unnecessary buy/burn's for tokens that if rewarded to player still have a 1% tax for no reason if they want to withdraw them.

Our view is the current concept of Hive / blockchain gaming is too limited to the few players on the blockchain and if this paradigm is not broken by the Hive community someone else will break it and we will be left behind.

I hope it works out well for the game developers who are using it.
use cases for these "in-game" tokens was the death knell for the original Holybread team and by us eliminating them early on and not spending energy on them, has allowed us to focus on how to truly bring new gamers to Hive.

Yeah , I read about IBC protocol and cosmos network as to be implemented in game.

good idea!
we do the same with sponsored events, still working on a full info


Oh! yes I saw ,there are some links in quest too. But Players doing the Ad on the game that they play is somewhat nice and unique.

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It would be convenient if all purchases in the game were for Starbits.

More option, more better for users.

That's a good way to burn the native tokens. I don't understand one thing:: If people go the way to burn token then why at first place have the token supply too much.. Just have a the token supply less then no need to focus on burning or finding ways to get the price up. cheers.

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Game is on beta stage. It is very important to build the balance between the token supply and demand.

They did not forsee that they can get nice player influx who will spending so much time in the game.

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