Decentralized and ownership of assets, what I now look at any games.

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Decentralized and ownership of assets, what I now look at any games.

Gone are the days when you play an online game, it is just considered as waste of time and money. I guess there are game like "Second Life" exists where you can earn and own your assets but it is not decentralized at all. All your assets are in centralized server and there existence is dependent upon not only how good that "Centralized server" is maintained and "goodwill" of the game developers.

With the advent of blockchain, it is now truly possible to have both Decentralized and "ownership" of assets in game.

Let me discuss few of the game that I play



I can say Splinterland's is truly Decentralized and allow ownership of the assets. Cards/assets that you own in Splinterlands can be tokenize and it can be traded in multiple chain. You can trade your Splinterland's card in Ethereum chain using You ca tokenize your asset to trade them in Hive in Hive-Engine exchange.
If yo want to trade in WAX chain, that is also not a problem, asset can be tokenize and can be traded in WAX chain too.

Frankly speaking, Splinterland's is my first blockchain game and never disappointed me. With continious playing and trading the asset for profits and re investing profits has allowed me turn $50 grow my overall SL assets value over $10K (that included cards, unopened packs, in game currency etc.) in period of 2.5 years.

I really still not looking to take profits from this game and going to "Hodl" here as I strongly believe that it will become more valuable with SPS token introduction fro governance in BSC chain and introduction of utility of land in game.

If you want to play splinterlands, you can join it here



I started with Rising Star game around last September. Good thing is that Rising star is absolutely free to play game and you can buy assets from yuor starbit's earning in the game also (If you do not want fund your game woth external investments.) . Cards you own in the game can be transferred to other players or can be sold in the internal market too.
Currently I have 1.25 million starbits (in game currency) that is approximately equivalent to $160 , and my guess is that my overall earnings and assets in game are now in tune of $500.

The other thing about this game is that it has much broader objective that it is musically themed and promote the musician to showcase their work. So I tink if you have a musical interest ,you should not be missing this game and community

Other Honorable mentions.

There is no dearth of the game in Hive blockchain and unfortunately due to lack of time , I am not playing them or spending my time on understanding their game mechanics.
I will like to add Crytobrewmaster and Exodegame

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$50 to 10k in assets over 2.5 years that's epic!

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I traded a lot of game assets too apart from playing, buy the cheap cards and sold them later at high, Did same with DEC too. That's ownership of assets is much desired.

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Splinterland's is my first blockchain game and never disappointed me

It was also for me my first blockchain game and also and I have tried other games I think it is definitely the best!

Congratulations on your financial achievement in the Splinterlands game. 10K in value in two and a half years is really a great achievement.

Hopefully Splinterlands will increase its user base, and who knows it would be nice if we players can add a 0 in the future to the current value of card collections ;)


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I am sure SL will trend like Axie one day and all early investors will be sitting on gold mine.

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