Finally, top 300 in Dcity.

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Few days ago ,Dcity started Hive rewards for top 300 Dcity from earlier criteria of top 200 Dcity. When I noticed it I thought ok, a little push and I will be in top 300 .(I think I was 319 at that time.) Look like my little pushes did not helped me because I slipped to 328 instead of moving up.

I remembered that population of city that was ranking 300th was around 150 and I thought in few day I will reach to 150. Even before I can come close to 150 , I found that it is already 180+ requirement. Currently it crossed 200+ and it really start looking impossible for me.


I login to my Dcity as usual and just looked into market, To my surprise , someone has listed very cheap immigrants in SIM. I immediately converted my swap.hive into SIM and start buying cheap immigrants. Soon I found it that I am not alone to spot them as someone else is also buying them and I got short of my target.

Being so near to be in top 300 and still going to miss it caused me to buy homeless (though they are not cheap but I think fairly priced.) with all my remaining SIM.

I checked my population and it look like that I have made it to top 300 but any last minute surprises cannot be ruled out.

so when the ranking released today I rushed to check my ranking and I found that


just made it to top 300 at 299th rank.

I do not know how long I will stay there, with everyone pushing I might be out but I am happy today and will keep try to break in the ranks.

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Nice one! You will have lost some popularity due to the homeless. So if you buy some park’s you might be able to boost your population a bit more.

I am also get overpopulated too. But for current strategy I will be buying more population so that I can stay a top 300, Once I get fund I will start balancing them.

It’s not a bad plan. The daily hive rewards you get are worth about 50 Sim tokens, so you can afford to loose a few of them due to over population.

You still have a ways to go my friend. Try buying some 1st edition and selling them ;)

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Nice Job!

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