Games that have high "Return on Time Invested".

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I know most of us are busy and will try to get maximum benefit with little effort. As far games are concerned,we all like to play games but there is always some time constraints that do not allow us to advance far and ultimately killing our interest in game.

So what if the game you are playing do not consume much time for you to advance to the levels.

Let me present you few games from Hive blockchain that can be played with very little time and effort.

1. Dcity


Dcity is a game that might not even require to even login daily. Create your balanced city and let it earn SIM daily.(Hive too if you are in top 400 players). You can buy the cards after reading their specification. Your decision will vary according to popularity the card bring to the city,SIM income that card bring to the city or tax reduction it provide to the city. Though you did not need to play daily but a well thought city income be much greater than a unplanned buying of cards. You can join this game at

2. Cryptobrewmaster.


Who would not like a refreshing beer? Your excitement will increase if you got to know that you can brew beer on your own in the game? This game require you to login multiple times a day to complete the quest but rest of things go on passive mode. Game do not consume your time as such when you are logged in doing actions. Game also provide you opportunity to invest their token in real world brewery for profits. A very cool themed game with very nice interface and I will recommend to add in your "must to play" gamelist as a gamer.You can join this game using my referral link at

3. Risingstar


It is based on music theme and till now I found it cool to play. You can let the music play in background and continue with your other work and stuff. Just think if this game is really integrated with music industry.Anyway I d not feel it time consuming to click few button to start the quest.Actually more you level up in this game,more you will earn Starbits (in game currency) and require less click daily.You can join this game using my referral link at

So please feel free to suggest the game that you know can fit in this category or add something that you think that make these game more interesting.

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Hey @r1s2g3, here is a little bit of BEER from @risingstargame for you. Enjoy it!

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I have not played dcity or risingstar but I do play cryptobrewmaster. These are all games that don't take much of your time and you get to earn crypto while you play. Also another game that doesn't take much time is Holy Bread. Like cryptobrewmaster you just need to log in multiple times a day to do the daily tasks. They don't pay you in crypto but once you start playing all of your new posts get an upvote from them.

Let Holybread team complete their new release, it will be undergoing a lot of changes in future.

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I am playing DCity. Slow going but I am enjoying checking it everyday.

Every one loves DreamCity.

LOVE dcity. Beautiful concept of a game

Me too,it's ROI is good and do not consume time.

Great selections my friend. Especially when we are looking for something that does not need to spend a lot of our time and you have presented good games although some I have never played but from what I have watched on the outside I know that they are very interesting.

dCity has always interested me, I even asked you for some financial advice and I understood that to start I must have a good amount of HIVE in my pocket. At the moment I am focused on other fronts so if one day I finally start I will be through your reference link hehehe ...

A game that I believe to be very promising and perhaps consumes a little of our time but that will be a lot of fun is Rabona. I have good expectations and I am waiting for the big day to play.

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Rabona also do not look free to play game like Dcity. Look like lot of decision is required while playing rabona. I am waiting for it as it's concept look interesting.

True, they will try to keep the number of clicks in the game to a minimum. Manager games are my favorites and it wouldn't be too bad to spend an extra minute in Rabona hahaha ...

dCity I think I will play it one day when I am most comfortable financially speaking. Because I still remember that you said you would need to start with at least 200 HIVE. Today its price is not that expensive but at the moment I am giving other priorities, but it is important to know that we do not need to stick to the game.

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These look interesting even though I am not really into playing games. Of the 3 I would be most likely to try Dcity.

Sure, they all are worth checking.