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There are plenty of option for gaming in hive blockchain. Some games are fully functional,some are running on there alpha phase and some are working on migration from steem chain to hive chain.Lets visit these games one by one.

Games fully functional on Hive chain

1. Splinterlands.


Splinterland is collectible card game that give you option of earning in DEC (in game currency.). All the game assets are fully owned by players and they are free to transfer,sell and trade the asset. You can start free in game but need summoner's spellbook to earn rewards and participate in tournament. Currently summoner's spellbook cost $10.

Key Contacts on hive: @splinterlands,@yabapmatt,@aggroed
Link to Game
Link to Discord

2. Dcity


Dcity focus on building city and ingame currency of the game is SIM. Players need to make strategic decisons and buy cards to attract more population in their city. The cards are actually NFT assets and they can be traded and sold in HE engine.

Key contacts on hive: @gerber
Link to Game
Link to Discord

3. Rising Star


Rising Star is a cards RPG game with it theme based on the music. StarBits is the ingame currency and you earn it while playing the game. Game also have cards that are NFT and they can be traded in the hive-engine.

Key Contacts in Hive: @risingstargame
Link to Game
Link to Discord

Games that are in alphas phase and will go live soon

4. Exode


Exode is space themed game and really caught attention of many users in hive blockchain.The ingame currency of Exode is Exofuel and player will earn Exofuel for playing the game. Exode cards are also NFT and you need to buy starter set in able to play exode.

Key Contacts in Hive: @elindos,@exodenews
Link to Game
Link to Discord



As the name specifies,theme of this game crafting beer and all the activities related to it. CBM token is the ingame currency and I guess it is the first ingame currency in hive engine that is listed on outside exchange too (@cryptex24)

Key Contacts in Hive:@cryptobrewmaster,@rollie1212
Link to Game
Link to Discord

Games that are working and in process of migration in Hive blockchain

6. Holybread


Holybread is an RPG style browser game. In holybread you will start with one hero in team that can go upto 3 hero in team,you level up your heroes by doing quest and Arena fight. In game currency of this game was HBC (holy bread crumbs) in SE but it is no longer in use. Team is adding features in game daily and they are dedicately working to move it to Hive. If you have earlier played this game then you should visit the game again as it might be a pleasant surprise to you.

Key Contacts in Hive:@simplegame,@buddy.nole,@wren1221 and @btristen
Link to Game
Link to Discord

Honorable Mention

7. IBT survival island.


This game is very different than all of the game mentioned above because it is PC game instead of browser game. As the name suggest it's theme is based on exploring the island and complete the mission. Though game discord mention the IBT token but currently I am not aware how it is integrated with Hive chain.

Key Contacts in Hive:@ibt-survival,@lordnigel
Link to Game : Since it is PC game you can get downloadable zip file from discord
Link to Discord

Image Sources: They are created by game site or taken by Hive post's of the "key contacts" of the game.

Please feel free to suggest to add the game if I missed any.

Gaming Fact : Iconic game Tetris completed the 26 years,It was launched on 6 June 1984.

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I am playing the @splinterlands most and some time @dcity and @holybread also... I have not tried only of other listed....
Thanks for sharing

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Exode is going to be SO EPIC!

Sure, I already have starter set and waiting for the release.

A tremendous opportunity for people to get involved and start setting themselves on a different direction.

With NFTs, we are going to see people have "businesses" with in the games that can be sold. Ultimately, many will be generating incomes off the games while building wealth.

I would not be surprised to see some of the gaming assets on blockchain end up having more value than some tokens.

The potential is enormous. It is good to see some games starting to crop up. Hopefully we see another dozen more.

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NFT and digital asset are going to get more popular in future. The best thing in the blockchain gaming is that they allow you the ownership of asset. While in conventional gaming you own nothing even spending thousand of dollars. In one of the game I played they "suspended" the player account because the account changed hands. "Suspended" Account was big time spender and I remember it had purchased $8000 worth of in game items.

You hit the nail on the head. Allowing people to retain their assets is huge. People leave games for many reasons. In addition to the situation you mentioned, some just get tired of a game. Imagine being able to take your assets from game A that you are tired of, selling them, and then using that money to get involved with game B, something that interests you more at that time.

That is what is possible with blockchain.

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Yes but to truly do this we the NFT's to become decentralized.
The current Hive Engine model does not work for the "true" vision of NFT's as you have outlined.
Don't let me sound negative I truly believe in your view of NFT's and our team wants to build towards this.

Certainly there is a lot of work still to be done and the model is not there yet. In fact, that can be said for all of crypto. It is a work in progress.

Decentralization starts out mostly, if not all, centralized and works from there.

It is imperative that we keep pushing the idea in every area we can.

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Very true

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