Sportstalksocial Goes to Really a Decentralized Community

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I am just really excited to know the update of official account of @sportstalksocial regarding launching proposal on SPORTS, and we could read the post here. When the proposal approved by the voting of stakeholders (sportstalksocial users who has some amount os SPORTS staked on their accounts), then the action will be taken bg @sports-gov. As one of the biggest stakeholders, I have already voted the proposal. I hope every stakeholder will be pleased to vote the proposal launched by @sportstalksocial.


Once the proposal approved, the @sports-gov will have 20+ million Sports. And for sure, it will benefit for the tribe and the community. One may create a project on Sports using the the codes. And for sure, the project just only could be run if the stakeholders upvote for the proposal of the project. It’s then really a decentralized platform. Things will go automatically.

I may guess that it is really a fair play, just like the spirit of Sport itself. And so, Sportstalksocial will be a real decentralized tribe where any decision on SPORTS will be taken by voting mechanism. We need some power to have a big influence in voting wonderful proposals for the growth of Sportstalksocial and the community. I am grateful that I had already have 50 M+ SPORTS on my alt sports account:

I do believe that the Sports-Gov proposal will be approved by stakeholders. And I encourage all stakeholders to vote the proposal to make it works.

Just scroll the comment section of this post. @patrickulrich has mentioned the top 50 stakeholders. However, some of them have not voted the proposal yet. If we love SPORTS, let’s support this great movement of Sportstalksocial to create the way for really decentralized platform on Hive Blockchain.


So, if you want to have more influence in building sportstalksocial community, stake your SPORTS as much as possible since its price is pretty cheap now. We will need much more investment if Hive price going up and the Sports price follows it as well. Why not now? Take your steps, the best time to stake more is now.

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I didn't know about this until 2 days ago when I saw it mentioned in Dbuzz. I didn't have too big of a stake but I did vote for it. My stake in SPORTS is going up slowly (around a few hundred to a thousand everyday). However I think we need at least 50% for it to pass. We were around 22% yesterday and today it is around 31%. Hopefully a few more of the big stakeholders vote for it.

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51% yes. I hope that too.

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Thank you for supporting the proposal system! I just published a new update that expands to the top 100 stakeholders since tagging the top 50 had a great response rate. We're now just under 18% away so things are looking good!

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