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RE: With this Hive pump, I just got 100K (or > 1 million) DEC richer.

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Nice - NOW it seems is a good time to buy some HE tokens, I even bought some LEO today, just a tad.

Hmmm, DEC, maybe i'll pick up some...

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look like because Hive is again losing the ground.I just wish Hive at least keep itself above 30 cents and with another pump get to the above 50 cents level.

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It'll get there, it's HIVE, it's not likely to make it easy for us!

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I am waiting for Aggy post's , he is predicting this bull run from last 15 days..He did not posted anything on Hive price from past 4 days.

Anyone that you trust for Hive price prediction and good to follow?

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