How Will You Play On dCity This Time?

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If you are on dCity, you build your virtual city with different cards. You can choose what to do and how you like to build and grow your city. It is fun to do that. And at the same time, you get the return from your city based on some criteria.

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You get HIVE and SIM income as rewards based on population and SIM. We see top cities with zero SIM income. Players have different strategies. Those cities with zero SIM income are built to maximize HIVE rewards.

Most players build their city focusing on SIM income first and then HIVE rewards. As you know 3rd edition has been released. And there will be added three attributes besides population and SIM income.

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Now if you check out the ranking on your city, you can see 5 attributes. When it is activated, we will see changes in the rewards system. Those five attributes are population, SIM income, popularity, education, and creativity. So you can maximize the rewards in different ways.

My city is ranked 61 in SIM income, 88 in population, 72 in popularity, 32 in education, 136 in creativity. You can increase the ranking of each attribute in order to maximize the rewards. It gives players more options to play and build their city differently.

Now there are the combinations of building, load, unload, prevention, and so on. You can explore more things and arrange your city. There are new things to learn and have fun with.

By the way, if you are new, this is not a free-to-play game. You need to spend HIVE or SIM to buy cards and build your city. So I recommend reading about dCity first, then decide what to do.

So how are you going to play on dCity this time? Please feel free to leave your comments below. Thank you so much for reading this post.

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Your income of 3.9hive, is that daily?

Yes, that's daily income. It's not the same every day, it can vary.

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For now I have a small city with the same username as I have here, and I can't fully understand the new update and the ways to maximize profits if you have time to go around and tell me that I can improve I would greatly appreciate it !

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You have a nice small balance city. At some point, someone needs to invest more to grow. I would not recommend investing money unless he/she has some extra cash that he/she does not need. You can read the recent posts of

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it's better to buy sim and play the game. sim price are so cheap now.
l was though that after the 3rd it will be up. but it's not happening.

I also thought SIM price would go up after releasing the 3rd edition. But it stays the same. It seems players are not that excited in dCity that they were before.

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hmm that's true.
what you think
Is there a solution to this?
dcity badly need new players.

Now it is up to dCity how to grab new players' attention.

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