Will You Sell Your SPORTS Token Or Hold It?

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You buy SPORT tokens or earn it on your post. Now, what are you going to do? Will you sell it to the market or hold your tokens? Since you earned the token or bought it, you have the right to do whatever you want to do.

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If you think SPORTS token does not worth more, you might sell that. If you think it is worth more, you will hold the tokens. When you stake SPORTS tokens and every time you support other posts, you will earn curation rewards. After 7 days, SPORTS tokens that you earned as a curation reward sends to your wallet. Isn't it wonderful?

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I just scooped up 2 million Sport and I am holding for the longterm.

That's great! I'm also holding for the long term.

I have never for once powdered down my alt. Always staking things up each and everyday.

The stake in my main account is also added to the alt.

This sport will surely make a man a millionaire one day

It feels great when we can support others and grow together.
Development, community, and engagement are important to move forward and do something better in the future. Thank you @botefarm.sport for your comment.

Hold for long term on my sports account @claudio83.sports ✌️

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I see you on SportsTalkSocial from the beginning. :)

Yeah 😊 and i will stay until ti the Moooooon 🌕🌕

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I am not buying nor selling Sports token, Whatever I earn, I just stake them.

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That's a good way to increase stake over time! :)

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