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HIVE price increases and now it is $0.142. That's awesome! If you take a look at the hive engine market, most of the tokens price shows red. It is usual to have a selling pressure. Let's take a look at the SPORTS price in the market.

SPORTS Price Jan 21, 2021.PNG

SPORTS price was around 0.0030 before. The price dropped and then again started rising from there. On January 15, 2021, SPORTS opening price was 0.0002650 HIVE. The price went up to 0.0003167 HIVE.

The lowest price of that day was 0.0001911 HIVE and SPORTS closing price was 0.0001930 HIVE. From that point, SPORTS price went up a little bit. Now you can see SPORTS price is 0.0002430 HIVE.

Crypto Price Jan 21, 2021.PNG

Bitcoin and altcoins price also decreases a little bit. The global cryptocurrency market price falls by 2.90% over the last day. Bitcoin price decreases 3.14%, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash price falls 3.18%, 5.74%, and 4.90% respectively.

It is fascinating to see that when the Bitcoin price starts rising, it breaks the previous ATH records and makes a new record. Institutional investment pushes the price further.

It is difficult to predict where the Bitcoin price is going to hit next time. Many people expected that the Bitcoin price would drop and there would be a correction stage. Looks like it is not happening soon.

SportsTalkSocial has taken a new initiative to decentralize its governance. In case you have not cast your vote, please read this post and place your vote. Everyone is pretty excited to see what would happen and how it impacts the whole SportsTalkSocial ecosystem.

Please feel free to share your thoughts and comment below. Thank you so much for reading this post. That's it for now.

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I also don't think that the correction can ever be made on bitcoin. The time for correction has past.

I believe hive too will still do pretty well soon when bitcoin moons. Indirectly sports will also follow.


Unfortunately, when Bitcoin started going up this time, we didn't notice any significant HIVE price move. It stayed at the same position. Hope HIVE price will go up gradually. And it started rising. Let's see how far it goes and how it influences this tribe.

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Let's sit back and watch

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