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On today's segment of Leo All Stars, I would like to highlight a member of the community who just found a brilliant niche between the topics of finance and athletics: @cryptoandcoffee

I really enjoyed the article that they wrote today that can be found here

What Was The Article About?

This piece was a look at the financial situation of one of the best known soccer teams in the world: FC Barcelona. Everyone knows Leo Messi and has likely seen the dark blue and red jerseys pop across their social media timeline from time to time, but do you know what goes on in their financial offices?

@cryptoandcoffee does a dive into publicly available statistics that are often overlooked as the average fan maybe thinks more about the number of goals a team scores or games they win.

Apparently FC Barcelona is swimming in debt, upwards of 1 billion USD. With such high debt and players like Messi making over 70 million Euros each season, it is becoming increasingly difficult for the club to even fathom getting out of debt any time soon.

What I Liked:

I really enjoyed the commentary that was put forward in this piece regarding the allowance of a massive club or business of any kind to operate with such extreme debt. @cryptoandcoffee brings up a lot of valid points about how the teams in the league really need to find a better way of managing their budgets and that they should not keep getting funding realistically until they clear up some of this debt. I understand that professional soccer is a trillion dollar industry, so there is likely a lot of belief that they can right the ship and become profitable in the future, but the budget cuts will come in the form of redesigning the team. @cryptoandcoffee mentions that in order to keep top players like Messi they will likely have to give up other very talented players; the team is getting worse in order to stay afloat and the financial side is something rarely thought about by fans and critics.

Another thing that I liked about this piece was the fact that it covered numerous topics and was appropriately tagged. By finding a story that talked about finance, the article deserved to be here on Leo Finance and by tagging in sportstalk, the article also got the attention it deserved in that community. I think that @cryptoandcoffee did an excellent job and should be seen as an example of how to properly engage with numerous communities at the same time; this is something that I will be seeking to do with my own community @dunksocial

With that I declare @cryptoandcoffee an official Leo Finance All Star!

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I think he is also a great choice for your line-up.

I haven't really checked out the community lately but have you been able to set something up with @amr008 about your Dunk Social community.

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I have been seriously wanting to and continue to have it slip my mind. Apologies. @amr008 what is your discord? I'll send you a message tomorrow!

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