Got 6000 Dunk Power now.

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Got 6000 Dunk power

Few days back I told the community that I have crossed 5000 Dunk Power and now I am happy to announce that have already crossed 6000 Dunk power. To be precise it 6500 + 200 liquid Dunk , so I am very close to mark of 7000 Dunk now.


My Journey with this tribe is still continuing and I guess I am going to make bag of >10K DUNK power/ tokens. Currently it still look to me that it might come before the end of this year.

My expectation with tribe.

Since Basketball is one of the world popular game , I see all the fair ingredients in this tribe to be a successful tribe. We are already observing that Splinterland's is bringing to many user's in Hive and all the tribes have an equal chance to attract all these incoming "user base".
This will act as accelerated growth where effect of one dapp of Hive will be observed in another Hive dapp overall increasing Hive growth.

Token Price of DUNK especially at bid price is also looking very cheap and I think this is some kind of good opportunity also to some one for buying and
holding the bag of DUNK token.

If you are looking to interact with some basketball enthusiast in Hive then Dunk social is the place where you can interact.
Creating content and commenting will also help you to earn some DUNK and staking that DUNK will convert into DUNK POEWER and it will help you earn more DUNK by curating content.

PS: Do not use the tag if it has nothing to do with this tribe.

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Dunk is going to be really great coin soon. I am seeing that @amr008 has also included the same in its engagement project now.

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More the people contributing to dunk is always good.

Maybe, all the same, fingers crossed...

Congratulations on your increased stake. Hopefully, you accumulate more of it.

Yeah , I have plan to get in range of 11-15 K stake at least before I re access my goals.

Let's goooooo congrats on hitting some goals! Dunk Social will continue to serve as a platform that will serve as something that will help onboard a lot of new users. As we add things to the platform such as a fantasy sports platform, I think we will see continued growth

All the luck and success to dunksocial. You are really active and doing fantastic job.

Congratulations on your 6k dunk power. Great one showing great commitment with the regular staking. I believe this platform will be a good one in the future. Also doing my part, in increasing my holding.

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Thanks friend.