Have you got your ASH tokens?

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Part of my Engagement, Earning and Goal progression on Nov 18 2020.


CTPSB is deciding to pay it's delegators in CTP Tokens in @ctpsb post.
CTPSP token still showing growth of 50% APR.

ASH token airdrop for NEOXAG holder is done. Soon it will be airdroped for Sports and CTP holders. Airdrop is for staked tokens and I guess airdrop for PAL,SPT and LEO token is already done.

My CTP Goal progress.: 8765/10000

My CTP SB goal progress: 150/500

My Splinterland's earning report.

For r1s2g3.

Quest DateValue of CardsDEC collectedAlchemy PotionLegendary PotionBooster Packs

Dec Obtained by battle 599.
Dec obtained by quest 14

For saachi

Quest DateValue of CardsDEC collectedAlchemy PotionLegendary PotionBooster Packs

Dec Obtained by battle 591.
Dec obtained by quest 150

If you are interested in joining game, then you can join it here


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Your current Rank (30) in the battle Arena of Holybread has granted you an Upvote of 6%

Thanks a lot for the mention! Nice progress :-)

Thanks for your stopby.

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so uh... any honorable airdrop for the actual account name holder? :)

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It will be hard to comment that how it will perform but team behind it can be trusted.

@aeneas.fund is a cooperation of 2 exchanges and private subjects who supports the idea of Aeneas Blockchain and respects ASH holders.

Exchanges that are backing

@cryptex24 -
https://www.cryptex24.io and @richamster - https://richamster.com

and I guess you might know @rollie1212 , person behind cryptex24 exchange and creator of Cryptobrewmaster game.

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Nice update! :) You are doing well. Keep up the great progress :)

I am looking forward to the ASH airdrop for SPORTS & CTP since I have quite a bit staked in both of these. :) Good luck with yours!

Have an awesome day! 🧡

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Thanks Jenn, I guess I received mine. I staked them also.

Ok maybe that's where mine came from....just saw some ASH as well that I didn't have yesterday lol.. yay! :)

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