Is Sports token is all set for new price discovery?

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I saw the market and look like SPORTS is in red and there is some selling there. Actually I am not thinking about the current market trends about how SPORTS is behaving but I looking on the responses that @patrickulrich is giving on the post of @uyobong.sports


It is very that the discussion is happening in open and the community is freely involving in it. What is currently inspiring that Patrickulrich is reading each and every comments, making note of it, replying and weighing the option what he can do with it.

Involvement and openness of tribe lead with community is look to me a indication of something nice will be coming in SPORTS.

I guess, if someone dumping his SPORTS because he/she feel that he is not satisfied how SPORTS tribe is running then please take a look at this Post and must read the responses by Patrickulrich.

If you think that there is something missing and can be added so feel free to ask it there.

I feel some usecase and some burning measures in check will really take the SPORTS tribe and token to new hieghts.

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PS: DYOR is always strongly recommended and it is not a financial advice.

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As I have suggested in the said post - since we have no bot for upvotes anymore we need to get new use cases - dcity cards, but foremost GAMBLE!
People are gumblers, sports are cheap thus betting with it would be fun-like. There are betting services based on Hive that might be interested in some form of cooperation, but there's always an option to develop similar service - it can't be that expensive for a community

Gambling will not burn the token unless who owns it decide to burn it, Gambling will be just transfer of token. I am not sure if you can offer gambling as such because it require a specified license.

We need to fix the supply or increase the userbase for this token.

Licensing part is tricky, KYC and etc. What about some '3rd party' (alter ego) starts the service sport bets are made with sports 10% of bet amount goes for maintenance cost, 10% to burn, 80% is divided among winners

Let's see. What Pat is thinking.

Yes that post really have me good impression about SPORTS.

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Nice, I am keeping a close look in sports for coming months.

Better that people who don't believe in sport drop their tokens so we that do wanna build it up can buy cheap :) I'm not to worried right now about the price since we don't have so much up to sink sports into

Yeah, Long term hold does not require worrying about price but more about the "fundamentals" and growth of platform.


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