Splinterland's ninth Airdrop card, what it's true worth?

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Splinterland's ninth Airdrop card, what it's true worth

So today Splinterland's Ninth airdrop is completed and an epic monster cards is dropped to players who have purchased the packs from splinterlands based on their number of pack purchased and with some random algo. At one time I saw this card trading for $1.95 and now it come to $1,15


Look like apart from this only Mitica Headhunter is above $1 in Untamed epic cards and pyromaniac is as low as 29 cents only/



Does this card deserves to be above $1? This range card come with unique ability of close range and thorns. Close range make this card little special so that it can be used in first position too and thorns that will be helpful against sneak attack. I feel if it is 5 mana card instead of 6 mana than it will be nice replacement of javelin thrower and it
will justify it's above $1 price. otherwise it is not looking great buy above $1.

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In my opinion it worth because of the new ability... the cards with double attack (melee and ranged both) is very useful....

TBH , though it look "2" skills but in reality it is one skill . If melee monster are allowed in game, I am very unlikely to put it in first position to take advantage of "closed range". If melee monsters are not allowed then "thorns" is useless.

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