Splinterland's tournaments: Are really worth playing?

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Splinterland's tournaments: Are really worth playing?

Yeah, you can see my very dismal performance in this tournament but you have to consider 2 things.
If there are 212 players, someone will get last place no matter how many skilled players are.
Someone players are going to play here 22 battles and might win only 50 DEC (or may be 0,not sure). Assuming 22 battle will really require more than an hour effort.


For me tournaments always sucked. For playing this torney , I wasted my hour , paid 10 DEC and get nothing.

At least SL should pay the DEC to the players for the matches won by them tournament.

My Sports challenge.

My balances before powerup.


My balances after powerup.


So today I staked 855.781 Sports.

Back to My earning report
For r1s2g3.

Quest DateValue of CardsDEC collectedAlchemy PotionLegendary PotionBooster Packs

Dec Obtained by battle 481.
Dec obtained by quest 20.

For saachi

Quest DateValue of CardsDEC collectedAlchemy PotionLegendary PotionBooster Packs

Dec Obtained by battle 302.
Dec obtained by quest 29.

If you are interested in joining game, then you can join it here


PS: DYOR is always strongly recommended and it is not a financial advice.

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