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RE: Second Layer Curation, Still my Best Investment Option on Hive: I gave out $150 and earned $123 in form of LEO & SPORTS in November

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This is the power of cryptocurrency powered social media 2.0 as obtainable in the Hive blockchain. Token value on Hive do not just change in value by speculations but by the value they give to humanity. We share our resources and receive a part in return.

I think that this is also the future of communities on hive. At some stage I can see hive rewards being removed from the base layer and only earned through staking or another factor rather than voting.

The use case will be to stake for mining purposes or delegate to 2nd layer tokens like sports or hive to earn their tokens. It will add a lot more value to hive and remove the issues over voting and all the fighting that goes with it.

You will also be able to earn form the communities by posting and use those tokens to buy hive and stake that back into the system. There has been some talk on it and if they ever deliver smt's it will be interesting to see how all of this turns out. Until then we can just keep stacking as many tokens as possible and have some fun.


Certainly, the "big" thing in the Hive blockchain is yet to be maximised. Communities are a great advantage and SMTs would be a great stride in the internet space.

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