Hive Tribe Token Update 3


An update to the different Hive-Engine tokens and their movement over the last week.


$LEO has seen a gradual increase over the past week. With the impending release of LBI I am sure that the price will continue to climb steadily
Current Price: 1.97296092 HIVE / $0.264

Screen Shot 20201203 at 8.13.52 pm.png


The token of the WeedCash community has been up and down with a small increase but with low volume.
Current Price: 0.15725 HIVE / $0.02113

Screen Shot 20201203 at 8.43.37 pm.png


$DEC, after seeing a steady price with minimal change, has started to see some sell pressure. This may be due to the increase in the price for the next land pre-sale and buyers already purchased their land and not wanting to purchase more.
Currently trading at: 0.005483 HIVE / $0.00074

Screen Shot 20201203 at 8.48.17 pm.png


The Splintertalk token doesn't have a great deal of volume and has seen some fluctuation in price. Until there is a real use case for the token I can't see any real movement happening at this stage.
Current Price: 0.0022 HIVE / $0.00030

Screen Shot 20201203 at 9.05.53 pm.png


This is the token of an alternative blogging platform to #HIVE. Lot of sell pressure as users cross-post and dump.
Current Price: 0.08987997 HIVE / $0.01216

Screen Shot 20201203 at 9.09.01 pm.png


The Click, Track, Profit token has been fairly steady over the past weeks. This strong community has some good use cases for this token and continues to build upon these. The steady price is a reflection of this, though the volume for the token is relatively low.
Current Price: 0.061999 HIVE / $0.00837

Screen Shot 20201203 at 9.12.49 pm.png


The Palnet token has been fairly steady with some largish wicks. This continues to be a stable tribe token for a strong community.
Current Price: 0.04701 HIVE / $0.00644

Screen Shot 20201203 at 9.47.24 pm.png


A cheaper token for the SportsTalk community, the price has fluctuated and found a stable price range. It has seen a small uptick in price, though volume has been very small.
Current Price: 0.000169 HIVE / $0.00002

Screen Shot 20201203 at 9.50.08 pm.png

Thanks for reading.

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Posted Using LeoFinance Beta


Weed seems to be balanced out now, stable prices... We'll see if some whales make any moves. :)

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