WHEW!!! πŸ˜… All December Payouts SENT! πŸ˜…

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I was having an existential crisis because of these BONUS REWARDS, which is my portion of the rewards, donated to new users. Well, everyone is new or only in there for an additional 3 weeks (2nd week of November is when we started) but it was an open ended promise. Kinda vague... but here's what happened...

I was wrestling with giving another "bonus" to accounts that were very small, and in some cases it was up to 37 times their actual earnings and all these small accounts had gotten the bonus reward previously, and many had remained below 100 neoxag DELI. So I decided that those would not be getting another Bonus. I had one or 2 upgrade to over 100 DELI and they got the standard reward, earnings PLUS the 1.11 SPI for December! I also want to encourage NEW Accounts, and I had been harping on 100+ Deli. Everyone new in December was well over 100, I think the smallest was maybe... Lemme see, 111, that's it. OK so the NEW fr Dec accounts got 2.22 or a Double Bonus. This was calculated on the @underground share of rewards, divided by total # of accounts, and each new account was x2 so it was 51 "shares" divided into the portion that was represented by 101,000 neoxag DELI from the Undy account. It's all on the document I am pasting... 😎
THEN we had the "alt accounts". I firmly do not believe anyone was trying to cheat, everyone made it known before payouts or it was blatantly obvious, like @Taskmaster4450 and @Taskmaster445le but he also checked first if it was kosher to use the ALT as opposed to powering down and transferring, yada-yada 🀣 Of course I wanted the DELI and OK'ed it, there was never any question. @silvertop enrolled some alts and told me before payout, thanks Topper! I just sent his payment all together, he can send it back to the alts if he wants. In short, ALTS are OK but please check first! I saw 1 or 2 more, but it's obvious and transparent, IMO.

Here's the payout document, FWIW. * or ** by DELI amount is bonus status, * by payout amount denotes "PAID"

TOTAL normal rewards: 131.10 on 236,593.680 NEOXag
TOTAL Bonus Rewards: 56.96 on 101,582.267 NEOXag
TOTAL SPI Rewards: 188.06 on 338,175.947 NEOXag

Bonus Rewards:
underground spinvest-neo 101582.26713589 56.96 SPI, Divided by 51 shares,
NEW December Members get a 2x share. Existing Members over 100 DELI,
and not a duplicate account, get a 1x Share.

ALL get 1.11 BONUS (vested member, over 100 DELI, not duplicates) *
jk6276 spinvest-neo 8000* 4.45.............. 5.56 SENT
neoxian spinvest-neo 5000* 2.78............ 3.89 SENT
shanibeer spinvest-neo 5000* 2.78........ 3.89 SENT
qam2112 spinvest-neo 40000* 22.24.....23.35 SENT
spinvest-leo spinvest-neo 3500* 1.95... 3.06 SENT
conradsuperb spinvest-neo 10451.08556256* 5.81..... 6.92 SENT

silvertop spinvest-neo 1048.85264179* 0.58....... 1.69 + 0.20 = 1.89 SENT
elizabethbit spinvest-neo 561.6251802* 0.31...... 1.42 SENT
banjocat spinvest-neo 119.44034132 0.07
cochiti spinvest-neo 57.354886 0.03
coreyb spinvest-neo 109.11586424 0.06
cottonlion spinvest-neo 43.19522252 0.02
wapitielk spinvest-neo 47.32248004 0.02
all the above are SilverTop ALTS plus his wife :D ALL SENT

bucipuci spinvest-neo 120* 0.07........1.18*
raymondspeaks spinvest-neo 50000* 27.8......28.91*
felander spinvest-neo 375* 0.21.......1.32*
ladysalsa spinvest-neo 50 0.03* <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<possible ALT
preparedwombat spinvest-neo 5000* 2.78......3.89*
ronaldoavelino spinvest-neo 6000* 3.34.......4.45*
oldmans spinvest-neo 2000* 1.11.......2.22*
elbrava spinvest-neo 50 0.03* <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<alt?
anouk.nox.spt spinvest-neo 1000* 0.56......1.67*
silverstackeruk spinvest-neo 5000* 2.78......3.89*
melinda010100 spinvest-neo 3075.47920471* 1.71...... 2.82*
taskmaster4450 spinvest-neo 9251.26633447* 5.14..... 6.25*
ecoinstant spinvest-neo 700* 0.39..... 1.50*

New Members in Dec!

ALL GET 2.22 BONUS (new member, not alts)**
enginewitty spinvest-neo 500** 0.28...... 2.50*
sames spinvest-neo 126.72724462** 0.07...... 2.29*
bitcoinflood spinvest-neo 50000** 27.80..... 30.02*
incubot spinvest-neo 500** 0.28...... 2.50*

taskmaster4450le spinvest-neo 1089.61887028 Duplicate Account 0.61*

spinvest spinvest-neo 907.623** 0.50...... 2.72*
fredkese spinvest-neo 720** 0.40...... 2.62*
lammbock spinvest-neo 111** 0.06...... 2.28*
welshstacker spinvest-neo 1600** 0.89...... 3.11*
methus spinvest-neo 1200** 0.67...... 2.89*
putu300 spinvest-neo 1014.01363957*** 0.56...... 2.78*
hetty-rowan spinvest-neo 1750** 0.97...... 3.19*

ecoinstats spinvest-neo 1000 Duplicate Account 0.56*

reverendrum spinvest-neo 8445.18404671** 4.70...... 6.92*
battleaxe spinvest-neo 4668.77578209** 2.60...... 4.82*
rehan.neox spinvest-neo 5000** 2.78...... 5.00*
kerrislravenhill spinvest-neo 1401** 0.78...... 3.00*

There you have it, except for a couple of audit notes, some of you may notice that I have a bit of SPI left... 0.79 in fact. Another error I made was related to the Steem-Engine user interface, I was paying a member, @felander, and his name popped in the autofill. I clicked it after typing fel but then drug the cursor and it flipped back to 'fel', un-noticed by me, until it was too late. That is an account name that is in use, so @fel if you would be so kind as to refund that amount, I'd be very glad (lol) The total error is 2.11 and I will refund my mistake of 1.32 to the account of @spinvest-neo, and we will award these 2.11 SPI next month.

SPIN-Neo Official Logo.png

NEXT PAYOUT will be for JANUARY and the BONUS will be the same, Double Bonus for NEW MEMBERS, and Single Bonus for all vested* returning members! Except I expect a Bigger Month than December! πŸ’°πŸ’ΈπŸ’²πŸ’ͺπŸ‘πŸ’²πŸ’ΈπŸ’°

vested* = 100 deli and over

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Can i still get in on this? I have like 1500 neox tokens i dont really use..

YES! This last month of BONUS Rewards for New Members is January, it's BIG!
1500 will work fine, BTW. We are making more in Jan than we did in Nov or Dec!

I sent the 1500 NeoxAG, then I bought another 1000 NeoxAG to also delegate but it is making me undelegate before I can redelegate with the 2500 NeoxAG, ugh.. So I guess Im waiting a lil while longer now.. :/

Either the system is totally wacked (again) or you really messed up LOL
I had a similar thing, but kinda the opposite. I wanted to delegate a specific amount so it would be an even number, but all I was able to get thru was delegating ALL the available NeoxAG. I tried it 3-4 times 🀣
I'd say the system is Wack.

I just figured there was a hold, like on steemit when u undelegate.. But there was no option for me to delegate more, it was either undelegate to redelegate or just leave it.. I guess ill just have to wait and see wtf is going on..

You have plenty of Time, enrollment is OPEN for bonuses nearly all month. I say you in there so you already have "credit" umm-kay? 🀣

No Worries, Mate!


Cool, thanks bro.. I just checked again and it said the undelegation will finish in a few days, so it wont be to much longer.. But yeah, there seems to be a 5-6 day hold when you un-delegate, like on steemit.. Just a heads ups.

Thanks for the bonus :-)


for busting you tail and getting over 100 NeoXAG!

I hope I can delegate something :-)

Just DELI these comments votes, that will add up!

What is DELI? Google will not translate the shortcuts.

My own slang word for Delegations... DELI!

It occurred to me a bit, but I wasn't sure about it :-)

23.35 for one month awesome.
Thank you for the hard work.
Much apreciated πŸ‘

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Should be around the same or more next month,
then drop back to 22.25-ish unless we get some growth
Which is always growing, but outgoing votes don't have
much more we can do. I am running this almost as hard
as I can, but... 😎

Oh, btw, it seems we are exceeding the returns from steem-leo,
if you compare token values. Leo has been running 10x more than
NeoxAG, but we are actually doing much better than 10% of Leo's
returns. I really need to do some math but I think we are

πŸ’ͺπŸ˜ŽπŸ‘ KILLIN' IT! πŸ’ͺ

It would be interesting if someone (you) lol did a direct comparison between the 2. Gives you summat to post aboutπŸ˜‰

hehee I was in discord with Spinny SR. parent account and LEO. We were "measuring schlongs" so to speak, and spinvest asked a bunch of questions of both. We have differing accounting methods and rewards systems, and Leo is a more pricey token, so they have about Double the Voting Power that SPI/NEO is wielding at this moment. More than double, actually! Near TRIPLE

Just invested 1000 neo :)

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Thanks for joining! You will get a Double Bonus in the first week of Feb. should be around 3 SPI +/- πŸ€‘

Wow, blimey, what a lot of work, Undy!
Dead impressed with your sums and thank you for the bonus.


YW, Sweet SHANI !!!

Thanks so much for all the hard work you do !!!
Looking forward to growing with you in 2020!!!πŸ˜€

The NEW YEAR is starting with a BANG,
we are on course so far for over......…..

15,000 NEOXAG! πŸ₯ˆπŸ₯ˆπŸ₯ˆπŸ₯ˆπŸ₯ˆπŸ₯ˆπŸ₯ˆπŸ₯ˆπŸ₯ˆπŸ₯ˆπŸ₯ˆπŸ₯ˆπŸ₯ˆπŸ₯ˆπŸ₯ˆ


hmmm I left a reply but it's not showing?
January is on pace for a new record,
SMASHING the December numbers 🀩🀩🀩

Very awesome my friend, I know this is a lot of work for you, and just letting you know again.... that you are very much appreciated !πŸ‘πŸ˜Š
Continuing to Delegate all Neo!!!!πŸ€—

I love this "competition" between @spinvest-neo and @spinvest-leo. It is wonderful for all us #spin-men/ #spin-women.

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Just a 'comparison', but if it can spur LEO a bit harder, then it's a WIN-WIN!
I believe MOST of us belong to both LEO and NEO, same as Us, Rondo!
I am delegating ALL the Neo/Leo and all the UNDY/Leo to LEO, I really
hope JK keeps LEO humming right along πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‹πŸ‘

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