Sportstalk Social at 51% APY Curation Reward!

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Certainly, Sports is one of the biggest markets in the whole world and it's continuously booming. The growing interest of sports fans has not dwindled even with the effects of the pandemic. It has always been part of the discussion among men and women who are into sports.

Needless to say, it has also become one of the popular community in Hive blockchain.

I've been involved in this tribe ever since its inception and I have kept my Sports power growing until this present time. Really, it's a no brainer to invest in Sports token and participate in the content creation & curation through the Sportstalk Social platform.

If you are enthusiastic about sports then Sportstalk social is a good platform for you to join; the rewards are considered a bonus for you. But how much could you really earn just by curating sports content?


Well, with my curation style it results in a 51.52% Annualized Percentage Yield or APY.

Below is a tabulated curation reward for a week of upvoting sports content with my 3.6M Sportspower.

sports curation.JPG

If you are to ask me, it's the best return that you will get in the Hive blockchain by simply curating content. Potentially, the best passive income if you are to follow a curation trail through the use of Hive.Vote.

To give you a comparison, let's compare it with the returns that you will get with Hivepower & Leopower.

Hive power

Considering manual curation or following a trail of a curation bot, you will be earning about 10% to 20% APY. The 20% is a steep expectation for a curation reward and it's merely the realm of automated bots.

A much better way of earning will be to delegate your Hivepower to the @leo.voter account and earn Leo tokens equivalent to 18% APY. The downside is that you lose your influence in terms of content discovery.

Leo power

The rewards mechanism of Leo Finance is that it's following a flat curve which will simply provide you with a fixed curation reward. Based on my observation, the curation reward in Leo finance is about 18% flat.

Here's a quick summary:

  • Hive power = 15% (ave.)
  • Leo power = 18% (flat)
  • Sports power = 50% (ave.)

Apparently, the numbers have convinced me to keep my Sports stake intact. And if my post has convinced you to take a piece of the action in Sportstalk then please do your own research and analysis before you join the party.

What I'm discussing in my post is my journey to the world of Sportstalk.

One last thing, the Sportstalk curation reward payout is 50% sportspower & 50% liquid sports.

The way I see it, half of that goes to the growth of my sports stake while half of that could be an opportunity to take profit or to trade in the market. It's the flexibility that I personally prefer ;)

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50% is alot in terms of only curating content.

I didn't even know about this before but I'll try and learn more about curation on the sportstalk community. Maybe even join your trail soon....

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It's unbelievably real ;)

I feel that Sportstalk has the highest inflation rate among the tribes and the largest token quantity as well.

Still, there's a strong demand for the token. Also, there's a token buyback mechanism using the ad revenues so it's quite sustainable IMO.

Right now, 1 Million Sports token is only about 325 Hive ($37). And with the nice return that you will get from simply curating content, your ROI will be 2 years which is considered good by any standards.

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Amazing idea of the posting dear great information dear

Thanks for the feedback!

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Now the more SPORTS stake you have, the more you will earn curation rewards. I think it will inspire more people to stake SPORTS tokens. Thank you @sportscurator for showing the earning report!

That's an great avg you have there. Do you curate all types of content over at Sportstalksocial or is there any niches that you focus on?

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I curate just about everything in Sportstalk social. I also upvote Actifit post which is my way to motivate them to keep them in shape.

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I didn't start putting numbers in an excel but I will soon for sure.
Impressive figures you're sharing here fellow SPORTSman ;)

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If I remeber corretly, you have a dedicated sport account right? I'm thinking of getting that since I think it's complicated with the VP and to be able to keep track of everything

That's a clever way to manage tribe accounts or stakes.

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Yes correct, I've created a SPORTS curation account because I want to be very active on LEO and SPORTS for curation.
But it was totally messing my Hive VP.
I'm still in the process to unstake my main account before to transfer it to sports curation account.
After that only I will start my excel file ;)

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That's a good starting point in managing your sports stake. Keep it up buddy :)

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  1. You do not need to unstake, you can delegate the staked token to the new one.
  2. tribe vote multiplier helps so that you will not mess Hive VP and vote effectively on multiple tribes.

Damn I'm always tricked by the UI haha.
In Sports UI you can't delegate, but you're right it's possible through H-E UI.
I had the same situation with Leo UI.

What is tribe vote multiplier ? Sorry I'm still new here would be great if you had some posts to share about that :)

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I have the same issue and I should do that aswell

Using Excel simply makes it easier for me to visualize things... especially the numbers.

You're welcome, I feel that Sportstalk deserve more attention. Cheers!

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I was looking for a curation trail to follow for SPORTS curation . I will follow yours .

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That would be nice!

I'm distributing upvotes to good authors in Sportstalk and I'm showcasing them in my sports blog.


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