Financially great, performance on the grid needs more invest

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A hard second half of the soccer season

While I was extremely happy this saison to finally arrange a financially rewarding advertising contract with my Rabona team I failed on the pitch. It becomes a really tight end of the season for me. Actually I had small hopes to fight for promotion to Champions League as I ended the last two season at position number 4 and hoped the trend will go towards the top.

Screen Shot 20201204 at 21.22.34.png

But my 5th season in the death group - League 1 ID 624 is becoming tricky. I was always in a safe area I thought but now it becomes dangerous, I actually have to win my final match to avoid relegation - just after I was sitting together with my team, the coach and the entire training force to plan my 6th season in League 1 - we might need to have a plan B now!

Screen Shot 20201204 at 21.22.13.png

My financial performance - fine

My performance on the grid in the last matches is a disaster more or less, look at these results. From the last 12 matches I lost 9 and won only a single one, this is a shit performance. Who would bet on me to survive?

Screen Shot 20201204 at 21.28.34.png

Wish me well and if you are not a player in this fabulous sports game on the Hive blockchain created by @rondras and @oliverschmidt you should join and invest a bit!

If you want to support my aim to stay in league 1 join via my link - both of would benefit from 25,000 BRN - the in-game token of Rabona: each.


Just went down to league 1 myself. But keep on struggling to get back to champion. That is very the big-bag-of-rbn are.

Good Luck!

Greetings from the 3rd league where promotion was missed by 2 points. Had the most wins, but points matter more. Also I forgot to renew the contract of 70% of the team :))

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