Why you should take advantage of Hive-engine tokens today!

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One thing I'm focusing on right now is accumulating as many hive-engine tokens as I can. Yes! Some of them may appear really worthless today but in the next 3-5 years, the story will change and their value will be higher than it is today. I have a strong faith that hive-engine tokens will make me rich as well as give me a good level of financial freedom in the near future. All I need do is maximize today for a profiting tomorrow.


Many of these tokens have laudable and strong use cases as well possessing achievable roadmaps and developmental plans respectively. This tells us that there is a high tendency for them to moon when all these developments set in. I will be so unhappy with myself if I fail to make the most of the opportunities these tokens are giving to me today. What is the opportunity? The opportunity to buy them while they are still undervalued and low in price. The only bad thing is that I don't have enough spare funds to accumulate them but thanks to blogging, I'm earning them little by little.

Cryptocurrency is still in its early stage because it is yet to have a mass adoption but it is thriving very well. In fact, bitcoin (cryptocurrency) has been the best performing asset in the last 5 years. Imagine a time when at least half of the world's population gets to know and adopt cryptocurrencies. You who held onto the seemingly worthless tokens of today will be a whale then.

Take for instance, a token like SPORTS token. It has a very strong use case; almost every human being participates in sports either directly or indirectly. Meaning that, the token is already sure of its audience. It is then left for the founders to devise means of giving the token adoption. Do not let the worthless state of some hive-engine tokens deter you from investing in them. Look at the bigger picture!


Looking at the low value of some of these hive-engine tokens, the best thing to do now is staking of the tokens. With staking, you get to earn more while it also helps you hodl for long term. Keeping them in liquid form is risky in the sense that, one might be prompted to sell off following a minor or little pump.

Be an early adopter today! I missed investing in BTC early enough but I won't miss investing in hive and its second-layer tokens. Cryptocurrency will give many persons more earning opportunities than the government ever will. Cryptocurrency is the future! Invest wisely!!

I hope you enjoyed my musing. Let me get your views!

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I'm also turning my hive earning to hive token in hope that one-day they will payoff

Good choice

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Totally agree with you on this! Now it's the right time for accumulation, maybe some investment in token that is similar to your passion, the niche that you like... stake and curate... make more of them!

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Yeah! Accumulating and staking as I can. It will pay off in the future, I know

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