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I have always wondered what the real value of my 100% vote was. This is something that I wanted to analyze some time ago and that until now I had not found the time to do it.


And when I speak of "real" value I mean that obtained by the sum of all the Tribes to which I belong.
I do not have specialized alternate accounts in each of the tribes as many others do.
Possibly it is not the most efficient option to maximize profits but for me it is the easiest option and that makes the most sense.
Whoever I vote for, will receive not only a reward in HIVE but also in other tokens in which I have a stake, if they use the related tags, obviously.

Specifically, I have accumulated a certain amount of LEO, POB and SPORTS tokens, but also PALNET, NEOXIAN and ASH, although I am not very attached to these last three TRIBES and I do not understand that they have a value that justifies their staking.

Anyway, returning to the topic of the post, I have finally had a moment to analyze the current state of my voting power.
HIVE: As of today, and according to @penguinpablo tool, my 100% Upvote power reaches $ 0.2648. A respectable if I may say but not a exceptional figure corresponding to having more than 14000 HP staked in my wallet and which I trust will be higher as HIVE is discovered by more people and its price is revalued.

However, this is not the end of everything.

LEO: to this day I have staked about 3044 LEO, analyzing the current price in LeoDex and seeing the value of my upvote in LEO I can easily calculate the Value of Upvote in LEO at 100% voting power:

The same for the rest of TRIBES, being the next in importance POB and SPORTS.



Adding all of them, I reached a total Upvote power of $ 0.41, distributed according to the following graph:

The best of all is that my actual voting power does not correspond only to these 14000 Hive Power staked, extrapolating the value, my total voting power corresponds to having about 22000 HIVE staked.
Actually this value of voting power is not entirely true, since there are posts in which the tribes do not correspond all at once.
Normally a post made in SPORTSTALK does not usually carry the LEO tag but it could carry POB.

Anyway, I am happy to have reached this level of voting power, perhaps I would like to make my SPORTS stake, which is a tribe to which I belong and in which I post and curate a lot of content, to have at least the same voting power as POB or LEO, with which my objective Currently the main thing is to power-up all the SPORT tokens that I can, either by buying or obtained by curation and creation.


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I wish SPORTS could appreciate in value even as half of LEO's appreciation will be awesome.

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I hope so as well

Probably a very dumb question but for the tribes, how do you check your "value of upvote" without actually voting?

You can only see the value of your upvote if you use the specific Tribe frontend. For LEO you have to use, for POB

I understand that, but for instance in Sportstalksocial front end, all I see is this:


And only when I voted, I can check the value:


So I was wondering if it was possible to get an estimate before actually voting, like we can get for Hive voting

when you click on the upvote button, there is always an estimation of your upvote value in SPORTS:


Then, you have only to check the price of SPORTS at LeoDEx and get the price in HIVE, then in $

Thanks, I think I understand now. That voting power and estimated vote value never appeared for me before, it just looked like the picture I sent in the previous comment, just the slider bar. But I may have just figured it out. On all front ends, I usually use hivesigner to log in. As soon as I switched to keychain for SPORTS, I could see the same as you: voting power and estimated vote value under the slider bar. I'll try other front ends, but that's probably it. Thanks again!

ahhh, that makes sense, yes I am using keychain always

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