57 million tokens... $250 worth of monthly Curation earnings in-view

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I am always so conscious of figures no matter how tiny they are, they add up to some tangible amounts in the future. I ensure that my success stories come with facts that are beyond reasonable doubts. Yesterday, I shared in this post how I'm earning $113 worth of SPORTS token monthly by curation. I'm still moving forward to when it would be possible to earn as much as $250 monthly from the same activity of just reading and "liking" sport related posts on the Hive blockchain.

This is just the beginning of my journey to sustainable income and it's exciting that I'm using myself as an example. Either of Three things should happen to make $250 monthly curation earnings possible. They are:

  • SPORTS price jumps by 2 times to at least 0.07 (assuming HIVE price remains at $0.13 and my stake grows organically with rewards).
  • My stake increases by 3 times (assuming SPORTS and HIVE prices remain where they are presently).
  • My stake and SPORTS price doubles while HIVE remain constant.

Either of the three scenarios are very possible to occur before the end of June, 2021. Then, I would be earning an equivalent of what a Master degree holder is earning in my country. $250 -That would only be what SPORTS curation earns. Other tokens like LEO and the grand HIVE itself are not inclusive.

Already, I had celebrated the 55,555,555 SPORTS stake in this post and it feels good to be gathering more tokens till the TORUK Status is reached.

Remarkable is the fact that development is yet to hit the SportstalkSocial community. We are still in deep community talks and I'll be glad to start sharing with you the roadmap of the community as per development and major changes which will positively affect token price as well as participation.

Having the price of SPORTS building supports at 0.0003 HIVE price is a good indicator for future growth when you compare it to the price as at October 2020.


We are yet to have big football teams join us but the future for such onboarding looks greener each day. I am also musing a situation when the @LeoFinance standalone sidechain launches which may likely make LEO a base token for the exchange of other HIVE tokens and other external cryptocurrencies.

Thanks to @jphamer1, @edkarnie and @razackpulo.sport for also making healthy stakings and already surpassing the 50 million stake marks each. I'm hopeful that if we had 10 of 50million token stake users, SPORTS would have already mooned.

Meanwhile, there are big bounties for developers who'll decide to build on the SPORTS token and preferably that should be games. The community is also open for collaborations with mutual benefits to help grow the community and the Hive ecosystem at large.

The journey has just begun and I'm resolute to attaining the visioned height. I'm inspired to fly high while sharing more value to content creators on Hive.

I'm Your SPORTS TORUK in the making.

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55.555 million SPORTS stake is very big and salivating. 10 million is my next cruise stop-point. I hope I get there before SPORTS gets costlier.

You're my sport toruk personally... LOL.

But seriously am marveled by your achievement.

Anyone can do it with the right mindset and consistency :)
Keep hanging around Sportstalk and have fun and then you reach it ;)

Thanks 😀😀

That's just the mindset. ANyone can! I did it starting from ZERO

Thanks very much bro. We're still growing. We'll get there soon- 200 million SPORTS stake and hope we're there before price begins to moon.

I'm also going to be a Sports Toruk one day, climbing the ranks each day and hopefully can I help improving the platform. Hoping my Spotify initiative will be first of many things to come

Interesting to know that someone is building a project that can utilize SPORTS token. What's "Sportify" about?

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Oh its an app to listen to music, biggest in the world. My idea is to utilize the community to get paid to curate music. Earnings from there will be used to buys back tokens from market, burn or whatever we want it to be used for :)

Read here.

I dont think it'll be a bad thing if I join the top 10 50m+ stake.

Happy for you as you keep moving higher and breaking limits.


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I'll be glad to welcome you. I'll give you 100% steady upvote for 100 days lol.
You're welcomed bro.

Wow that'll be a dream come true for me.

Thank you for the support and value you keep adding to the community

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Cheers, @marvinix You Successfully Shared 0.100 WINE With @uyobong.
You Earned 0.100 WINE As Curation Reward.
You Utilized 3/3 Successful Calls.


WINE Current Market Price : 0.000 HIVE

I am a big football/soccer fan so I should write more about it I guess. Can I ask you step by step how can I earn $110 by curation only or? thanks for the feedback

Thanks very much for the request. Just do the following:

  • Head to Hive-engine or Leodex
  • Buy SPORTS token as much as your funds can carry.
  • Stake (power up the tokens)
  • Start voting other quality posts
  • Then you'll earn 50% of the curation rewards.

NOTE: The more your stakes, the better. My stake is presently 57 million tokens and that's worth about $2000

So after staking the coin the only thing that I have to start voting for the others post? like usually vote from 10 to 100% ? Is there anything specific that I have to do or when the sports coin is staked ( and every other) it is done automatically:) And should the post be only related with sports or you are receiving sports token even when you vote for other type of sports?

You must vote for #sportstalk posts to earn SPORTS as curation rewards. Login to https://www.sportstalksocial.com/ with your Hive posting key and you'll see sportstalk posts to curate. You can also open a curation for that purpose,

I'll be glad to read your sports contents. Cheers!

Congratulations 🎊🎉👏
You have shown to be a very good crypto investor

I am happy if you are the communities TORUK . More power to you . Lets go

I follow you on sports and keep on staking all earnings and purchases as well. Hope to have a decent staking this year in sports