Curation Rewards are "yummy" on HIVE's second Layer Tokens - Check out my SPORTS earnings on

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Yesterday, one of my new referrals to Hive asked me of the investment opportunity available in the cryptocurrency space while lamenting on how he lost over $500 last year to internet scams. He's a university graduate awaiting the compulsory National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) for Nigerian graduates. He mentioned his his willingness to build a digital asset portfolio based on the many invitations he's revived from Forsage MLM which is operated centrally in Nigeria.

I tried to explain to him the leading roles of Bitcoin and Etheruem as top cryptocurrencies world over (at the mean time) due to their being the firsts in terms of transfer of value and smart contracts respectively. However, it was important to also open his eyes to the risk with starting off with a "costly" crypto as a newbie in the crypto space. That availed me the opportunity to introduce HIVE and Hive tokens. I specifically had advised him to take a leap in crypto investment with Hive tokens knowing fully well that HIVE must be purchased first before he would secure the second layer tokens.

It is always important to remember that while the only profiting opportunities available with Bitcoin are hodling/trading and the yet to be endorsed DeFi projects. On the contrary, Hive has many investment opportunities for investors including:

  • hodling/trading
  • curation with rewards
  • delegation with interests
  • E-commerce
  • DeFi

Curation Rewards are Awesome with Hive Tokens

I carefully presented the Hive tokens I am investing in - LEO, SPORTS, CTP, LIST, HUSTLER and CHARY. A typical way of helping a new investor to profit with Hive tokens is curation. HIVE curation allows the investor to earn from the annual staking rewards from token inflation. With the tokens, curation helps the user to earn popularity within the community and as well make profits ranging from 30% to 90% APR (depending on the token) while keeping the tokens fixed till the prices bull in the near future.

While I have received awesome rewards from curation using my LEO and CTP stakes, it is difficult to track the statistics since my posting and curation accounts for both tokens have not been separated. However, with my SPORTS stake with a separate curation account, tracking curation earnings with Hivestats has been quite easy and awesome.


The sports curation account pictured above holds over 150 HP but only earns $0.31 in the last 30 days even when it's triggered on daily basis to curate #sportstalk contents. On the second layer, the account holds 27.4 million SPORTS in stake and gives out about 15k SPORTS in full upvote which is equivalent to 0.3 HIVE at today's market value.

It surprised me that despite the bearish market of SPORTS which started days a go in response to HIVE short term bull, my curation earnings scales over $7 over the last 30 days as shown below. This value is based on HIVE's market value of $0.234.


It might interest you to know that 27 million SPORTS as of now is valued below $130, yet gives a monthly return of $7.3. That amounts to about $90 in 12 months. Can you see the profit with curating with a "cheap token" like SPORTS? Soon, as I will be separating my LEO curation account, I will be able to furnish you with the actual curation rewards from the giant HIVE token and others.

With the above, I do not need any further reasons to convince you that investing in Hive tokens are profitable. I'll always say, start with curation and with a cheap token, then increase your portfolio as you track the profits over time. Staking your Hive tokens for curation would help you make your profit while helping to preserve your holdings till the bull season comes through. The curation earnings can be sold out while the actual invested amount remains.

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You're definitely right, investing in Leo token is quite profitable. Earning $90 in 12 Months from 130$ investment in sports is decent and sometimes one has to know about these stats to actually conclude. Way to go sir. Keep raking in the bags

Hi @uyobong
Again, I congratulate you on creating incentives in this way generates confidence in new investors, but those who somehow only create content when you cannot invest money. FIAT can only create content and then reinvest the profits.
And the options that you are presenting are very profitable.