Exponential Growth in Sportstalksocial community as Price Kicks and OCD Curation Continues

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Indeed, tokenization is the future of internet usage and incentivised writing , the future of content creation. In a little while, those passionate users of centralized socialmedia systems would see how much they're missing for not joining Hive and Hive communities.


It's exactly 30 days from when the @Sportstalksocial community was added to the OCD Community Incubation program which is a curation initiative by the good whales of the Hive blockchain @Ocd to give juicy supports to quality contents with their rich trail of votes. Thanks to @cryptoandcoffee for championning the course for the #Sportstalk community. Below is an excerpt from OCD's post on the 7th of September.

New additions:
We'd like to welcome 1 new community into the program!

Sports Talk Social - 717 subs
Sports has always been a popular topic of discussion around the world, and whether you like to watch sports, play or just talk about your favorite sportsperson, Sports Talk Social is the ideal place to be.

This is one of the very beautiful happenings on the Hive blockchain where curators are on the look-out for goood and quality contents to sent to the trending page of the the blockchain posts. I have carefully followed the trend of things happening around the Sportstalk social community since the announcement and I've given my SPORTS support to the curated posts.

In this post, I had expressed that the curation action has the potential of boosting the community engagement. There was an expectation in the price shoot of SPORTS as more users would be getting interested to creating sports contents to earn OCD upvotes.

What Effects can this create around SPORTS Token?
Already, the SPORTS token is experiencing a market buzz with some more investors willing to buy into the token, perhaps to make profit. This has made the token gain in price and volume as traded on Hive-engine and Leodex

The above screenshot was made on days after the incubation curation announcement and SPORTS was still trading averagely around 0.00005 HIVE per token.

On the other hand, there were 717 subscribers and 65 active users in the community as at the time of the announcement, which meant that 652 users were inactive. That declined was excused by the low value of SPORTS as well as the near zero HIVE payout from the community. Such is always the case.

As a content creator on the Steem/Hive blockchain over the last 32 months, I know how much time I put in daily to create quality content and the disappointment that lingers when the posts pays out with nothing. Content creators are the image makers of any social media and for a crypto powered blogging protocol like Hive, contents are the commodity that attracts investment/trade on HIVE.

Many things have happened around the Sports Talk Social community over the last months which makes a once booming community to become so scanty. I remember buying 1 SPORTS token for 0.015 STEEM and investing some good amounts then, suddenly, everything dwindled and it seems all investment worth were gone. Glad that I didn't throw in the towel, I kept pushing and marketing the community and now things have changed.

Having a user like @CryptoandCoffee in the Sports Talk Social Community is a blessing as he was looking out for ways to encourage more users while I at the other end was calling out for investors and curators. Today, we both win and the community is bouncing back to life. This is just the beginning of things as there is an expectation of reaching 2,000 active members in the community and who knows what would happen to the price of the SPORTS token by then.

Here is an update in the curation initiative as well as the milestone reached in terms of posts curated and activity that has scaled in the #sportstalk tag.

The @sportstalk community has been part of the OCD incubation curation program for the last 3 weeks. When we started this project @sportstalk had only 717 members of which 65 were posting and commenting. Over the last three weeks the community has added 66 (793) new members and there are now 139 active members which is more than double up by 74.


Hivedapps statistics shows that Sportstalksocial.com dapp has grown in its daily usage to 27 users. Definitely, my SPORTS curation account numbers as one of the users as I curate contents daily with my SPORTS stake.

Furthermore, it was interesting to see that the number of subscribers for the community has grown to 788 s at the time of writing this post. Interestingly, more users are getting active with the community thereby raising the stat to 142. By implication, the non-active user have reduced to 646 meaning that all new 71 subscribers are active and additional six (6) non-active users as at September 7 have become active.


Thus, the user/activity growth in Sports Talk Social community over the last 30 days have shown a 10% increase in subscribers and a 118% increase in active users. This growth in the last one month makes it possible to reach 2,000 active users by the year end.

Another major driver on the Sports Talk Community growth can be linked to the price offshoot in the last few days which keeps SPORTS at trading around the 0.0001 HIVE per token rate as at today 7th October. That's a 100% pump from the price as at 7 September, 2020.


No one should wait to be told that there is a possibility for SPORTS to be traded at 0.01 HIVE sooner that expected especailly now that new investors are coming in to Hive the @Leofinance community. Besides, the growth of the LEO token and its cross chain movement to the ETH blcokchain is showing a potent value in all Hive tokens, including SPORTS.

Head unto LeoDex and Hive-engine now that it's still cheap. I wan't to be remembered as the user that marketed SPORTS to its highs from a seeming dying spot. I'm not relenting and I hope I can reach the 100 million stake mark before the bull season hits the token. Here is a post you must read.

I wish that all early stakeholders can hold as much as possible SPORTS as possible before sports teams join us. In my believe, early adopters that trusted the project deserve to earn more. Do something now.

You may join my SPORTS Curation Trail to maximize your SPORTS stake. With the trail, your stake of SPORTS would yield profits without your active involvement.

I'm the Hive token Curapreneur, I prefer to stake my tokens for curation so I can stay into the future when mass adoption shall hit here. I'm already feeling like the BTC whales who got BTC at less than USD 1 in 2009. Join us now!

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Hope it can keep pumping. The sports industry is huge and we could attract many sports lovers with that

SPORTS token has it place on the to p of Hive token list. 0.01 HIVE per SPORTS would be a great deal. I see that value nearer.

joined your SPORTS Curation Trail. Hope in the future sports token also integrated into games like Splinterlands and Rabona.

I'm much anticipating using SPORTS in Rabona game. That would be a great collaboration.

Yes, Hive community must try to integrate each other tokens to increase engagement.

I'm the Hive token Curapreneur, I prefer to stake my tokens for curation so I can stay into the future when mass adoption shall hit here.

I kind of like this word "Curapreneur".. Really an amazing combination.
Adding Sporttalk social to the OCD curation trail made the creating sport content more juicy as one can gain upvote both from sporttalksocial and on hive courtsey of OCD..

The sport community is indeed a large one and adding incentives to sport lovers is a sure way of expanding the reach sports.

Thanks to @cryptoandcoffee for pioneering the addition of sporttalk to OCD curation.

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Creating a quality #sportstalk content is a win-win deal.

I kind of like this word "Curapreneur".. Really an amazing combination.

When one majors as an entrepreneur in curating posts on a Blockchain like Hive.

Learning all day... Thank you sir

Your write-ups and excerpts are great. It is interesting to know that the Sportstalksocial has added to the OCD community program. We hope that with the rise, Sportstalk token will have more value.

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All we want to see is improved contents, then the supports would continue. Start creating solid sports contents.

Sure. For now, it is just a baby step but I hope I get better.

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