Get Rewarded on HIVE for your Passion, Stop the hunt for "Free money": Make Sports and Financial Analysis and "Earn" $$$

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There is dignity in labour and the reward from labour is sweet. Sad that today, many people, especially, the young, who are supposed to be a representation of strength ad zeal for decent work are out there in search for "free money". Sad enough, Covid-19 came and created a new word for begging - "palliatives".

I have seen many hopping on Twitter for hours of their day, replying and retweeting "giveaway tweets all in the name of getting "free money. Hours ago the worst has happened as over $100,000 has been allegedly lost to the recent #twitterhack. My heart goes out to all the victims who wanted to double their "money" but finally list it to scam in the search for "free cash".

While the victims are thinking of how to start again, I present HIVE to them. HIVE is a creative blockchain that leads the hunt for web 3.0 where users are stakeholders and do earn for their expended data. Hive has a thriving ecosystem of apps, communities & individuals, leveraging the Hive blockchain and decentralised structure.


Within the last four months, HIVE has rewarded users with over $78,517,241 just fro creating and consuming contents. These rewards are peer-generated, thereby making everyone important. The easist way to become a stakeholder on HIVE is to be a content creator. I started my journey as a content creator and I have earned over 7,442.39 HIVE which is currently equivalent to $1637. In addition, I have earned $632.30 from Hive tokens all for creating contents.

I write for leisure and I fun with it, though, on HIVE, our passion pays huge and we even learn on the process. With over 20 Exchanges listing HIVE, it becomes very easy to cash out your earnings in your local currency equivalent.


As covered in my banner image, one can earn money by simply expressing his passion on HIVE. I only choose to mention sports and finance because I know that young people love these themes.

I know of many young people that can so report, critically argue and discuss sports in favour of their choice team or player. Most do this for nothing, while they could have shared such contents (in text or video) on HIVE blockchain to earn HIVE + SPORTS tokens.

Besides, I have also seen those who are experts in discussing the economy of our country and abroad, They sped their energy arguing the stock gains and losses when they could could share them on Hive blockchain to earn HIVE + LEO tokens.

Hive blockchain supports all content categories ranging from Arts, Agriculture to Zoology. Every content category has their niche where rewards are awesomely given out to participants.

What are you waiting for?
Head to this post and get educated on what is expected of a content creator on the Hive blockchain and particularly the LeoFinance and SportsTalkSocial communities. Enroll on a self learning with Leopedia to know more about cryptocurrencies and access free tutorials on how to operate DApps on Hive blockchain.

Never again in your life fall for scam while in search for "free money". There are no free things even in Free Town. Start-up a fun-earning journey with HIVE now.

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Why I am Marketing LeoFinance and SportstalkSocial Communities

I will endeavour to help bring new users to Hive generally, but I am specific about these two communities because I am trying to be more specific and to reach to a specific audience in order not to sound ambiguous. Besides, these are communities that I am investing and will be able to support new users tangibly.

LeoFinance is an online community for crypto & finance content creators, powered by Hive and the LEO token economy. Within the LeoFinance community are an array of applications that are in place to grow the community:

I have invested and hold about 26,202 LEO in stake giving out 5.8 LEO per upvote in full upvote (worth $0.25) - see here.


SportstalkSocial is an online community for sports content creators, powered by Hive and the SPORTS token economy. With sportstalksocial, a user can share his thoughts and analysis on sports to earn money.

I have invested and hold about 20.6 Million SPORTS in stake, giving out 13,200 SPORTS in full upvote (worth $0.13)- see here.

Remember, there is dignity in labour and the reward from labour is sweet!

Yours in Knowledge sharing for Freedom,

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