Hiring and Keeping 'Em on Hive Blockchain and Communities

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A few weeks ago I launched a Hive marketing campaigned I tagged "hiveishiring" which was inspired after I read call to application for enrollment into Nigeria's N-power scheme being a $75 (monthly over 2 years) temporary job for 400,000 graduates which ended up receiving over 4 million applications, read details here. I felt bitter because I, with fun do earn above $100 monthly from Hive blockchain while working from home.

I felt that Nigerian graduates deserved some more having tastes the rigors of obtaining educational degree in the country. I had to run the #hiveishiring campaign on twitter and on Facebook inboxes of young graduates I knew and I'm g;lad that some of them are seeing reasons to join the blockchain to earn from their content, creativity and cheap investment opportunities.


Over the last two weeks, I successfully on-boarded and presently mentoring two tertiary institution graduates @Gabby20 and @Cherrypee and hoping that would have a a smooth journey on the Hive blockchain. To help them to eb more interested in engaging the blockchain, I decided to run a bi-weekly face-to-face training in my Hub in Uyo where other hivers totaling eight (8) are a part of the training.


I can remember the how discouraging it was when I started my journey on this blockchain. But for the fact that I was resolute to learn amid all odd, I would have backed off a long time. Thanks to many Hivers here that are promoting and supporting one mentoring initiative or the other. While I would sound more traditional, but I think that offline training are more effective as it understands cultural limitations and helps to show a way through to embrace this crypto community.

The more we hire, the more we grow!

Every successful community starts with numbers and grows with numbers as well. One of my business mentors taught me that wealth is not grown in isolation. We are able to create wealth through tribes and circles. People are a significant success to every project even in this digital and machine-driven age.

We who have spent more than a year on the Hive blockchain understand the value of numbers and it resultant effect on the SEO ranking of the website as well as effects on token/coin prices.

Many hivers do not know their left from their right until there's someone to take them through the process of understanding the blockchain and the activities that are/not acceptable here. I am glad to spare out some of my time to help these new users grow as they engage the Hive chain the more.

The Responsibility every Hive Community/Tribe should undertake

Communities that are thriving on Hive presently are those that are "growing" in numbers of active users and in engagement of the users. Sad that some communities are not interesting in the onboarding and and "maintain"ance of new users, leaving this for a few communities, DApps.

It's time that all communities/tribes in Hive see that onboarding and keeping new users in the community and on the chain should be a crucial target and responsibility. No community should ever be happy to loose one single active user for any reason, else, the chain could have 365 gone in a year assuming one leaves daily. The truth is that many are leaving the blockchain daily even as many are onboarding.

Beyond Hiring, Keep 'em

New users' stats is lopsided, only telly us how many new users joined, but forgot to query how many stayed active within their first 10, 100, 1000 days, etc. It would be easier to track this at the community level.

Engagement is a spice for every digital community. While we head on to minimize KYC, we do not have to playdown on the essence of engagement which is what keeps new users on a digital community.

When we engage newbies on our communities, our essence is to drive into them the values and culture of the system so they would know what they should/not do. This becomes very essential especially for Hive blockchain where we have watchers and the blockchain "police", a new user gets so frustrated when he is penalized foe what he barely knew.

We never can tell whom the new user knows that may eventually join through and the landscape of this entire blockchain would change for good.

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Nice One @uyobong, such a great initiative to help every one out!
Upvoted and shared on my blog tonight.
I hope that that helps.😀

Thanks very much for the encouragement.

Well you're doing a great thing for so many people- and not many other people would do that...So nice to meet selfless people, rather than selfish people...😊

onboarding and keeping new users in the community and on the chain should be a crucial target and responsibility.

This is what I also repeating a lot of times... Onboarding, YES, but keeping them active is another important part... There is no sense watching numbers of new members if they are not active...

You are doing a great job, sir! Keep doing that! Education is one of the most important things, and your work is very important!

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What a fantastic post. It's interesting because we think alike in a lot of the things you pointed out in onboarding.

On the #HiveChat Twitter session this morning, I had mentioned how offline onboarding & mentoring is just as important as online. You can actually SHOW the person how things work on the blockchain & be there more than you can online. I am not saying online isn't good but there's a different dynamic seeing each other in person & helping the person grow.

Also, I 100% agree with you about the tracking for active referrals. We can see who signs up under us all day long but when I don't have a way to interact with them (except for following & assigning some resource credits, HOPING they will be around), it really leaves us powerless to help. If we had an easier way to reach out & reward them for being active for 10 days or 100 days, I think more people would stay with Hive. Maybe that's an idea to present to someone....that could be a real game changer.

I really appreciate what you are doing for people. I reblogged your post, hoping more people will see this & realize TEAMWORK is the way to go. We need to look out for the new people so they can have a successful start in their journey. :)

Thanks for sharing with us :)💖

This is definitely an amazing write up.... Nigeria will definite get a boast in their economy if they have more people who are self reliance than on the government.

I like this campaign and i hope to support you.

Loving this idea and there is a huge target audience for what we have to offer on here. With some of the apps like @dapplr and @cency users can blog, share and take pictures straight to the blockchain. For me a valuable post is one that captures peoples attention. That can be any length and aimed at any group of people.

I do feel that one of the biggest failures of crypto based sites is to group people together and get them engaging with each other. People spend a lot more time looking at content that effects them personally. /posts from somebody that you know or an area that you live in.

If you have a group posting from the same area it is much more likely to retain them as they create content to interest more of those people.

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