Hive Tokens dip when HIVE Pumps; Time to buy more LEO, SPORTS, LIST, CTP, NEOXAG

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My keep observation and study on the Hive token price behaviours over the past few months when my eyes were fixed on the tokens to build my curation has helped me discover some tips I am sharing with you in this post. The simple truth is that HIVE and Hive tokens relate inversely. This means that a rise in Price of one leads to the dipping of the other and vice versa. In the case of HIVE and Hive tokens, HIVE seems to be the factor token.

Within the past few months, I have channeled my Hive earnings into amassing much volumes of Hive tokens viz: LEO, SPORTS, LIST, CTP and CHARY and these tokens put together helps me to give out a cumulative upvote worth $3 at the present prices. My main Hive account account cannot give such upvote even when it carries HIVE worth more than the value of the Hive tokens put together.

I have long discovered the potency of Hive tokens and this has become a strong marketing feature when I tell someone about Hive blockchain. Yesterday, I helped to onboard a new user @Gabby20 who is a Digital Skills Strategist and trainer leading a community of more than 200 users on Facebook and Whats App. What endeared his about Hive was when I told him that he could create a community and have his token to reward his community members. With him onboarded, I anticipate bringing in 200 new users from his end and their focus would be to collaborate with communities that are business and skills related. I have been very busy and could not create time to help him make his introduction post. I am hopeful to have him do that over the weekend.


In the past few days, we are seeing a bullish price action for HIVE and that means a profitable sell of HIVE in the market. Many users users including myself wait for such a moment when HIVE pumps so we could get some more value from our tokens. While that lasts, there is always a pressure to dump Hive tokens whenever HIVE dumps in order to take advantage of the market. Thus, when HIVE pumps is the best time to place "buy orders" for Hive tokens because they will certainly e filled by users who want to sell off their liquid tokens in order to sell HIVE.

After the price correction, they will be back to buy the tokens for tribes activities. Watchout, you will see activities in the tribes reduced in the time being except for transfers and H-E/LeoDex activities. Having a understanding of these market dynamics would make one to build some good curation strength while this HIVE pump lasts.

For Instance:

  • LEO token has maintained a 0.14 HIVE price for the past few days even when its in a month-end when LEO usually bulls due to Leoads buy-out
  • SPORTS has dumped to the 0.000031 HIVE price
  • CHARY has dumped to the 0.003 HIVE price value
  • CTP is trading around 0.045 HIVE price
  • LIST is trading around 0.006 HIVE price.
  • NEOXAG is trading around 0.003 HIVE price.

Just head to LeoDex or Hive-engine to see the price actions of the Hive tokens and take advantage of then. Truly, if HIVE heads towards the $0.5 mark, then the Hive tokens will e dumping the more and that would create much more opportunities for lower price bids to be filled. While I personally want to sell pout some of my HIVE, I am also taking advantage of the dips for the Hive tokens. Let's see what happens when HIVE corrects.

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Looks like Leo is the only thing that's currently appreciating and maintaining that 0.14 thus far, I'm also monitoring my growth as well. The future is bright

It is one thing to possess a viable tool, it is another thing entirely to understand the dynamics of the tool.
An indept knowledge of the factors behind the rise and fall of HIVE cannot be over emphasised if one must thrive profitably in this system.
I hope to learn more from you to boost my efficiency here and also to aid my community members take full advantage of this rewarding opportunity.
Thanks for the guide.