I'd prefer Cryptocurrencies as 2020th Birthday Gifts: Start sending yours

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June for me is a very special month of each year. It affords me a time for solemn reflections of my life, my reaches for purpose actualization and impact to humanity. I sincerely thank God for His mercies showered on me to be a partaker of the month of June, 2020. By the 25th day of this month, I will be completing another successful cycle of 365 days.

I had always wanted to live free of employer grips so I can have time to build myself in faith, career and to be able to give back to humanity to the best of my abilities. Being an entrepreneur was the only option that could have afforded me that liberty. When I look back to the past eight years of my life, I am glad I made the decision to startup on my own.

This is not a birthday post, but I wish to make the most of the month of June to my greatest advantage to profit God, myself and humanity. It is pertinent that I set targets for myself how I want to get that done, especially as this is my first blog post for the month of June, 2020.

Many thanks to @Tomlee who told me about Steem, two years ago, embracing blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies has given face-lift to my career and financial priorities. Above all, learning and innovation-inspiration has been my crucial takeaways.

Within the last two years, I got to appreciate other blockchains like the Telos which added to my cryptocurrency portfolio. Metamorphosing into the Hive blockchain scaled a new beginning and made me understand things the more- the power of a community and decentralization feature of blockchain technology.

One of these days, I would love to talk in detail about all of my cryptocurrency portfolios and the strong points which each has which wins my investment of time, material resources and money. I had long seen myself as an ambassador of several blockchain projects and I've learnt to be loyal to my brands. Everyone around me gets to easily know where I stand for because I will always defend my choice brands and promote them in the best of ways I can. If I signup for a project, then I think its worth my support and promotion.

The corona virus outbreak and resulting social lockdown did not actually allow me to give my best to the promotion of Hive blockchain at the offline scale. As the lockdown gets eased, I will be engaging in more promotional activities which I believe would help bring investors and supported to the Hive blockchain and my affiliated projects. Besides, I will maximize the opportunity to reach out to lives and impact them. My choice campaign would be #seedsoflove and #blockchain4humanity.

In a few days, will be unveiling my promotional brand products and materials which would meet specific needs of people while promoting the blockchain and my choice projects. I want to be a better content creator.


In the month of June and beyond, I will try my best to:

I am sure you'll all support me to have these dreams become tangible. Lest I forget, feel free to send your Cryptocurrency gifts to the following addresses and also say words of prayers for me.

  • Hive - @Uyobong
  • LEO - @Uyobong
  • SPORTS - @Uyobong.sports
  • Other Hive Engine Tokens - @Uyobong
  • Bitcoin - 13zaMU2oo8aQKummKqeZaeVayLgkjnRuna
  • Ethereum - 0x6c88fa81144fed5ffd1875801c37e0a7236afc4a
  • HT - 0x6c88fa81144fed5ffd1875801c37e0a7236afc4a
  • USDT - 0x6c88fa81144fed5ffd1875801c37e0a7236afc4a
  • TLOS - uyobong

Thank you in advance.

Welcome to the Month of June, You'll have great and encouraging Testimonies!

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It is good to set a goal and work toward reaching it. :)

Hahaa This is entrepreneurial spirit!