Introducing my alts accounts for Hive Token Curation and Investment Tracking Posts (LEO, SPORTS, CHARY, HUSTLER, CTP, LIST, NEOXAG)

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Hi hivers, it's thrilling to gather some momentum to restart my rigorous engagement of the Hive blockchain with posts and enhanced marketing and promotional articles for the Hive communities and tokens that I am investing in. A cursory look at my blog in the last week has shown scanty posts because I virtually lost interest due to some comments, posts and discord discussions I saw which to me sounded unwelcoming. Though my ID wasn't mentioned but I know some were targeted at me. I've been excited about the growth in HIVE so far and the Hive tokens, particularly LEO, SPORTS, CTP, LIST, CHARY. My two new additions are HUSTLER and NEOXAG.

I can plainly say that many Hive users came to knowledge of some Hive tokens through my daily investment tracking and particularly, the curation stats and earnings and it did really surprised me that after many months, we are beginning to see some traction in the Hive tokens investment and improved usage of the tribes condenser interfaces. I want to clearly state that those posts were never to beg for upvotes, rather, they served as encouragement for my investments and marketing for the community, yet, I appreciate that the upvotes came. I think my consistency in posting through the communities attracted curators who saw it as an opportunity to maximize their stakes.

I have a responsibility to secure my investments anywhere irrespective of how tiny or huge they are and that marketing could be a good option. We must all come to the stand that the more people ten to hear about our communities and tokens, the more they would likely want to try out an investment. If we would see such posts as spam, then, all Hivers should be penalized for spamming Twitter (that's on a lighter note though). As long as Hive is meant to e a place where #freespeech is encouraged, I think people should have their freedom to express themselves as long as they are not constrained by community rules.

A careful look through all the investment posts would show that they were all unique in themselves, and none of those posts were less than 3 minutes read each. I had new contents for each day and I did all that with fun. After a few days of deep thoughts, I finally encouraged myself that circumstances as this come to forge a way for a better future.

"The trending pages of the Hive should be clean with top notch contents..."
Of all the discussions that ensued, the above statement is what I deduced as being reasonable. I oblige to that and will love to support that. Since I enjoy some reasonable autovotes on my main account, I will now be using my alts accounts for Hive Token Curation as well as for Investment Tracking for LEO, SPORTS, HUSTLER, CTP, LIST and CHARY. Sparingly, maybe on bi-monthly basis, I will share my investment stats on the main account. These accounts are:

My main account will be used to creating top-notch contents that would qualify for trending pages on Hive. With this, HIVE whales can also join my fanbase, Lol! Meanwhile, I'm gearing up plans to kick-off an offline organized Training for new Hivers and others interested in joining the cryptocurrency space through content creation and lean investment through Hive tokens. I need more supports.

On the grand, my earnings on Hive blockchain would be channeled to charity and this would help spread a message more about Hive.

Let's build Hive together!

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Behold the LEO Curation journey officially begins and we'll tell you how profitable it is.

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