Investing in Sports and Games on Hive: The Future of RBN (Rabona Token) in eCommerce

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Many individuals who have a view of the future are presently building on Hive blockchain while it's yet very cheap to do so. A time will come when acquiring the resources to build a project would cost a fortune since the price would bull. We are still in the incubation season and it's just the best time to Build.

The @LeoFinance community, @Rabona among others are taking advantage of the low tide. I've not been a fan of internet game until Rabona built on the Hive blockchain surfaced. Reasons could be that beyond the fun, Rabona delivers value to the players in terms of cognitive and managerial skills as well as earnings. It therefore means that the data and the depreciation of the gadget used to play Rabona is well paid for by the game.

With 15 seasons already running, the Rabona is approaching a thrive mode for both the developers and players. As a player from the outset, I see Rabona as a package that helps one appreciate soccer the more while building wealth in the process.


Few weeks ago, RBN - the in-game token of Rabona game was opened for trading in the game exchange and it's been an awesome opportunity for users who had earned much of the tokens to take profit while other users can gather some more tokens at a far cheaper rate than was sold by the team during the fund raising stage. The RBN market has been very active in the last three weeks of its emergence and many are already making some more profit from spot trading.

The mechanism of the Sports team management game (Rabona) is such that players are required to sink more RBN tokens in order to raise assets for their teams. Assets include Stadium capacity, catering services, sports gear shops, parking lot,m hotel and training centre for the youth team. Thus, investing in RBN at this cheap stage would be a very profitable option available in Hive.

The RBN token, traded against a pegged HIVE token can be sold and purchased at any desired rate as far as the order is filled. I am believing that soon, more usecases would be introduced for RBN token such as a sports ecommerce usage and others. With great development strides by @Hivelist, @Clicktrackprofit and the @Sportstalksocial communities, there could be some healthy collaboration in the RBN market with SPORTS, CTP, LIST, HUSTLER and COM tokens in terms of commerce for sports products.

Asides earning RBN token from asset investments, each player also earns some liquid HIVE at the end of each season depending on the table ranking at the end of the season. SO far, I had long recovered my initial investment capital in the Rabona and looking forward to a sustainable tangible earning in the next three months when I must have scaled the capacity of my assets.

Rabona is a massive multiplayer online soccer management game. Decide how to build and develop your team, take on the role of the head coach of your team, and manage the financials of your club. Lead your club to the top of the league and become the champion!

Please to use my referral link - to register for the next season so you can earn 25,000 RBN tokens.

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It's good to have Rabona on Hive. I tried it when it was on ETH, but without much luck, the rules seemed kinda too complicated and the free starter pack was not enough to start...

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I tried it when it was on ETH

Huh? I didn't know we were on ETH. Maybe you're talking about another soccer manager.

@uyobong, These times are exciting one when people are getting opportunities to build and to hold something valuable. Stay blessed.