New Investment in SPORTS - Half a Million tokens ordered

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I just placed an order for half a million SPORTS tokens. This is to see to it that I reach my 10 million target by tomorrow. The journey has never been easy from the outset but I am glad that I'm close to reaching the target in few hours.

It's been a while i did this though I didn't forget the timeline of March 31, 2020 to reach that milestone in steem Hive side chain token.

I am more excited that the @SPortstalksocial community is moving to the people's blockchain- hive and this means true decentralization. Besides,I see the value of SPORTS tokens grow when it begins to trade directly against hive.

Indeed, after COVID, i see an increased acceptance of cryptocurrency especially as economies of the world would be crumbling. It's cheaper to hodl and have great stakes of these tokens while they are yet cheap.

I am very hopeful of reaching the 100 million personal SPORTS stake mark to join the league of other few whales of the community.

My stakes would be for curation of #nnl and #npfl teams as they onboard hi e blockchain.

This is however not a financial advice,rather, a log of my personal investment activities on this blockchain.

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What makes you belive in Sports token so much? I also think this community has great potential on Hive

Hard to like SPORTS when there is no sports. 😭

You're amazing my friend and I like your passion for sports. Cheers

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