Powering up Half a million SPORTS

in hive-167922 •  2 months ago 

Check here to confirm my powerup of 500,000 SPORTS tokens. I just powered up half a million SPORTS token which was acquired during the SE engine dump by some users who were unsure how things will turn out after the hive fork. However, like I will always say, my investment is quite small when compared with others, hence, no need for panic.

I am very hopeful that days where we get 50,000 SPORTS for 1 Steem would be over and we will begin to see SPORTS worth more than we ever imagined. This is why I am stopping at nothing to keep acquiring these tokens even if they mean worthless.

AS the word sets to restart a new cycle after the COVID-19 pandemonium, we will see more people embrace cryptocurrency as there will be a shift in the world economy and financtial systems.

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It is always good to have some fliers and SPORTS could be one that you do well with if it gets a kick.

Powering up means more curation.

Hello friend @uyobong, congratulations on your bet, friend, a risky decision for many.

Will you stay in steem?

Congratulations my friend.