Rabona Season 2 is Over: 40% Token Balance + Play Hint

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Games have been hinted to be one of the options that would drive the masses to the Hive blockchain. That pretty sounds true as three Hive games - Splinterlands, CryptoBrewMaster and Rabona already have slots in top 50 decentralized applications listed on Stateofthedapps at the 2nd, 21st and 47th spots respectively.

Rabona is the first game I ever engaged on the Hive blockchain due to its simplicity when compared to Pro Evolution Soccer game that I've played over the years. It thrills to have been in the list of the first set of authors that participated in the first season of the game in its Beta phase.

So far, there has been an advancement in my performance when compared to the first season as was reported in this post. I only came to discover that a player needed a huge and heavy investment at start to make some tangible returns.

I only started Rabona with $5 investment and later topped another $5 after the second season ensued. Ten dollars is pretty small especially when I'm planning to break even all my investment in the next season that would be starting in 40 minutes time. I may likely add another $5 to cap the investment to 15 USD and then, I watch to see how long it would take to break even and draw out some tangible profits before a market opens for trading of Rabona's native token - RBN or perhaps the team integrates another sale-able Hive token like SPORTS to the game which is one of the most recommended by players so far.



At the end of the second season, I was able to earn 240,194 RBN and spent 451,784 RBN leaving a deficit of 211,590 RBN. That sounds like a huge loss, however, I have been able to build some infrastructural capacity for my club in the last 14 days.

One of the major source of income has been ticket sales to visitors. These number of visitors vary from match to match depending on the performances of the team in the previous matches. People would naturally identify with success. Thus, the more wins for the team means the higher the number of visitors that pays tickets to watch the match.

I never knew this in the first season, as such, my 100 seater stadium had been operating on full capacity for several matches. On expanding the stadium, the number of visitors also increased. The number of visitors to the stadium also affects the quantity of snacks and drinks that needs to be purchased from the cafeteria.


With over 14k fans at the moment, I need to invest more in my players to boost their performances in matches thereby increasing my fans to a target 50k. This number would open up the possibility of my sports gear shop which costs $10 to be created and that would be a major source of income. Receiving a whooping 2.5 million RBN tokens each season from fan product sales would make a whole lot of difference, then I will be smelling my profit.


I've tried to limit my salary expenditure by maintaining just 17 players. It's never been an easy management stride with that few numbers.


The Way forward

In this post, I had published my feedback indicating marketing and rewards flaws that are seen in the game and therefore calling for improvements. It would be interesting to have my game tokens converted back to Hive at the end of the season to serve as a motivation for me. On the other hand, a collaboration with a Hive community with huge membership with a token with high liquidity would pull more players to the game. SPORTS token would be a good option as I've mentioned in the past.

So far, I can say that my profit is the 400,000 RBN left as my balance which is equivalent to $4. I'm yet to break-even to build a positive ROI.

Rabona is a massive multiplayer online soccer management game. Decide how to build and develop your team, take on the role of the head coach of your team, and manage the financials of your club. Lead your club to the top of the league and become the champion!

Please to use my referral link - https://rabona.io?ref=uyobong to register for the next season so you can earn 25,000 RBN tokens.

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