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RE: One More Montly Goal Checked! .:. #MyHiveGoals February 21st, 2021

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You are an epitome of dedication to goal achievement. Congratulations.

When you see some whale in any of the tribes, you think how easy is to earn gazillions and reach the goals... Well, it's not that easy, or I have to shoot too high for my goals... The CTP Power cell remains colored in red until further notice... :)

It's never an easy decision to make. Many times I see the HIVE market bull and you feel you should sell and take profit but then, you see the tokens bleed and you take advantage. The future would bring our rewards in huge measures.

But, the one which got colored in green is the SPORTS Power rectangle as I have overpass my monthly goal for it! At least one thing less to think about... The 15M goal looks a bit "unreachable", but I will give it all to reach it... Stay tuned...

COngratulations on your steady growth with SPORTS stake. Just as you're pooling forward with SPORTS, I'm trying also to grow with CTP stake. I wish I could reach 50k stake before CTP heads for 1 HIVE.

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Thanks for your kind words, my friend!

It looks that we are doing similar things on different fronts... :) You are pushing the CTP to the whale status, and I'm looking at your SPORTS stake as an inspiration for accumulating more! :)

Thanks for all your support that you are giving to everyone on Hive, and outside it!


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