Spicing a 12% increase in SPORTS value with a 150k token purchase

in hive-167922 •  2 months ago 


few minutes ago, I purchased 150,000 SPORTS in the steem-engine market and successfully spiked the SPORTS value by 12%. Yeah, the highest bid before my purchase was 1 SPORTS for 0.00002758 steem while the lowest ask was i SPORTS for 0.00003 steem. I didn't have to place down an offer, I rather maximized the ask rate and purchased 150k tokens. This now places the highest SPORTS bid at 0.0000 steem per SPORTS.

I am doing this all for the @Sportstalksocial community which I believe is a community to be built by everyone. Today is the last day in the first quarter of 2020 and marks my dateline for hodling a stake of at least 10 million SPORTS. I believe that the SPORTS token would rise as #SPORTSTALKSOCIAL tribe moves to the hive chain. You may have to read up this update.

More importantly, the post-covid life would open up the cryptocurrency sphere for new adopters and sports would be at the fore. When this happens, SPORTS token which would now be an asset on the hive blockchain would be a preferred option. I am also doing some personal homework that will help onboard Nigerian league teams to join the hive chain and with that use the SPORTS tokens to rewards their fans.


This is not a financial advice, it is only my log of investment activities in the steem hive chain.

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Sir, greetings. I have the same belief as you. But there are some points I do not understand about the sports token.

There are 99,785,773,908.21 sports token in circulating and only 672,873,453.02 sport tokens in staking.

Do you think this number is too little? Not even 1 billion.

I may not understand that for now. @Patrickulrich could answer it better.

I'm not sure why it actually shows as so many not being staked. It should be much fewer unstaked coins. I'll have to ask to see if I can understand why it's not showing properly.